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Draynor's Monthly - April 2017

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Draynor's Monthly

Today we announce you the Draynor's Monthly newspaper! Every month we will bring you things like staff updates, player introductions and interviews with members from the community. This month with special guest Mr. Krabs himself! If you have any suggestions on more segments for next month, please let us know. As for now, have a happy en enjoyable time reading this edition of Draynor's Monthly.





Staff Updates

  • @TheMac has been promoted to moderator. Congratulations, Joshua.
  • @tatskaaa has also joined the moderator-team. Congratulations to you too, Tats!
  • We are sad to say that @Onions (Cabbage) has been demoted due to internal reasons.
  • On a more positive note, @External Use has joined the team as a forum moderator. Welcome Vishal!
  • @Beer has now officially been assigned the Community Manager role. Congratulations Keir!
  • @Snickers has unfortunately resigned from his position due to inactivity. We hope to see you back more active in-game soon Snickers!
  • @ryanheinz has since been promoted to administrator. Congratulations Ryan!




Introductions of April

@crands has officially introduced himself to the community. Better late than never! Criss tells us about his history with RuneScape and private servers. Also that he is competitively natured, and that he is a merchant by heart. Welcome Crands! Original post


@rory has been noticed in the community for a while, but has officially introduced himself this month. Rory tells us about his music tastes and the goals he set for himself. Good luck to you Rory, and welcome to Draynor! Original post


@Kaneki has made a return and had re-introduced himself on the forums. Yuu tells us about his love for raids, and his luck with it. Kaneki also likes to stream from time to time so be sure to check that out. Welcome back Kaneki! Original post


@Cain has introduced himself, even though there was some trouble setting up his forums account. Lee is based in the United Kingdom, and is a big community man. Welcome Cain! Original post


@jackk shows us some multi-tasking action by introducing himself on the forums while the game downloads. Welcome to Draynor, Jack! Original post


@Bevis Man introduced himself on the forums as well. Cole is looking forward to being immersed in Draynor, and I can't blame him for that. Enjoy your stay and welcome to Draynor! Original post


@DarenRs, our new YouTuber, has also introduced himself on the forums. Daren tells us about how his views of life, and his optimism and I share his views. Daren also likes to stream and make video's. I've enjoyed the videos he has put up and am looking forward to watching more. Welcome to Draynor, Daren! Original post


@deathscythe has hilariously introduced himself by posting a picture of him and his beloved booty. I tried to find the similarities, but I believe theres more than 8! I am glad to see he has returned. Enjoy your stay Deathscythe! Original post


@Sif has also Introduced himself on the forums, and is immediately looking for raiding partners. Kudos to you, and welcome Sif! Original post





Interview with ... Mr. Krabs!


Who are you, what do you do, and what can we wake you up for?

My name is Dan, I’m 20 years old and I am a full-time student working towards an aerospace engineering degree. I am the owner of Draynor and have various roles as such. I take care of the website/forums, develop the server, handle any issues that arise (be it account/item recovery, handling inquiries, reports/appeals, etc), manage the staff team, and responsible for the server overall. If I’m lucky and have a little bit of spare time I enjoy playing PC games and catching up on sleep lol. I do my best to get online as soon as an issue arises so that it can be resolved promptly. This includes checking my phone whenever I wake up randomly throughout the night to see if there are any issues on the server.


How did you come to create Draynor?

I had been in the RSPS scene for many years, taking breaks here and there. I've been in all sorts of staff positions and even developed and managed a server back in 2011 and reached 85 players. I felt used by the owner since I was doing all of the work and left as a result, but at least I got to take that experience with me :smile:What inspired me to create Draynor was because of the server I played right before creating Draynor, where the owner wasn't really taking care of his server at all and it felt like a lost cause, so I figured I'd try and make my own and see what comes out of it and here we are today!


What do you like the most about being the owner of Draynor? Why?

I really enjoy seeing players having a good time on the server. After all, games are meant to be something you can kick back on, relax, and have fun. What is also extremely rewarding is creating content and then seeing it impact the game. For example, I spent quite some time working on the raids update and now I see players uploading videos of themselves playing it onto YouTube! It is nice to see something that you worked hard on to be well-received. Even simple things, like the double XP tickets I made, created a nice little boost in the market in vote trades and you can observe that happening daily.


Why the name, and home, Draynor?

I’ve always felt like Draynor Village was a really underrated city in the RSPS community. It has everything you need and no one seems to use it for some reason. It has a rather cozy atmosphere to it and seems unique compared to most servers that are typically located in the same cities. As far as the name, I wanted something that would be easy to remember for advertising/marketing purposes. A nice and short sweet name. And quite frankly, I’m not super creative, so I named it after the home it was placed in lol and I love it.


What would you like to change about Draynor? Why?

The main thing I would like to change about Draynor is the player base. I want to see the server rise to the top of the lists. Subcategories of change are on how I plan to achieve this goal. My summer break is coming up soon so I will have time to make this happen!


Where do you see Draynor six months from now?

In six months, I hope to see us at the top, having resolved many of the challenges we face today and seeing veteran members still playing. I feel that even though there may a point that players have completed the game, they will stick around simply for the community and consider Draynor a part of their family in a way.


What is a flaw about yourself, and what do you excel at?

A flaw about myself I would say is being too nice to people. I don’t like having to hand out punishments in the game and give people the benefit of the doubt/a second chance but they usually disappoint me in the end. Another flaw about me would be that I am a seasoned procrastinator when it comes to assignments. As far as excelling at, I would say that I am a fast learner. Whatever I invest my time into I get pretty good at. The flaw I pointed out, being a seasoned procrastinator, can also be something I excel at lol since the extra pressure helps me meet deadlines. (Insert because diamonds are made under pressure meme here).


Movies or Series?

I usually enjoy investing my time into series because they get progressively better. I haven’t watched any in a while but some of the last ones I’ve watched were the walking dead, NCIS, Criminal minds, and Lost.


IOS or Android?

I would have to say IOS for its simplicity and quality. Both are good really it just depends what you’re looking for in a phone.


If you had to option to have a superpower, which would you pick? Why?

I would say time-travel, so I could go back in time to do things differently and also skip stressful situations. 


Summer or Winter?

Definitely winter…I live in Florida where it is hot and humid, which is not fun. Any cold weather is welcome!!


What if you could do something that you always wanted to do but never could, what would it be?

Retire :kappa:


What if you could undo something you did in the past, what would it be?

Does being born count :pepe:


Pizza or Burgers?

Why not both?


Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez?

Ariana Grande


Anything else you want to add, or give someone a shoutout?

Nothing I can think of really. Shout out to the entire staff team for being the best and all the devoted players!



Thanks to the big man, Mr. Krabs himself, for doing this interview!





Community Video of the Month

Congratulations to DarenRS for winning the community video of the month! In this video he opens up 200 Mystery Boxes from the donator store to celebrate his channel reaching 50 Subscribers. Congratulations again Daren!


DarenRS wins 5 premium boxes worth $10 for this month’s community video.




Do you want a chance to win the boxes next month? Everyone can make their own video’s and upload them to automatically have a chance of winning!

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I'll like this tomorrow, I've used them all up today lol.


This is great..


Ryanheinz definitely deserved that position and I can't wait to see him log in with that gold crown.

Shame about the demotions/resignations of staff though.

It's nice to finally put a name on the Krab, and was great knowing he can't choose between pizzas and burgers :^).


Congratulations at Daren for the youtube rank and winning 5 premium boxes, keep the videos coming.


I gave this topic a pin and feature.



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