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Mr Krabs

Draynor Vote Box Guide

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Ore box



Bone box



Log box



Gem box



Tackle box



Seed box


100 x Guam

100 x Marrentill
100 x Tarromin
100 x Harralander
50 x Ranarr
50 x Toadflax
50 x Irit
50 x Avantoe
50 x Kwuarm
50 x Cadantine
50 x Lantadyme
25 x Snapdragon
25 x Dwarf weed
25 x Torstol


Herb box


100 x Guam leaf
100 x Marrentill

100 x Tarromin 

100 x Harralander

100 x Irit leaf

75 x Avantoe

50 x Ranarr weed

50 x Kwuarm

50 x Cadantine

25 x Dwarf weed

25 x Torstol


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