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Mr Krabs

Raids & Completionist capes released!! & Updates 3/27/17-4/17/17

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-Fixed special point shops that would eat your points if you bought something with a full inventory.



-Improved magic accuracy on npcs significantly. If there is a boss with too high magic defense please let me know and I'll tone it down a lot but there shouldn't be much splashing anymore.



-Raids are now 1/20 rare table

-Added dragon arrows x 100 to the common loots.


4/4/17 - 4/7/17

-Raids rare table 1/50 chance now. Big lobbies = more efficient = better rates so rally up some players!

-Fixed the swords in the achievement armor packs.

-Going to doing a PvP revamp, so if you have any suggestions please contribute to this thread :smile:

-Scaled the grub room to 3*amount of players in the raid.

-Added time played to quest tab.

-Raids rare table is now 1/30.

-Added equipment bonuses to the completionist capes.

-You can now trade in fire capes for tokkul or a 1/50 chance at the jad pet instead of the chance being on completion of the cave.




-Added death talismans to raid drop table so players without personal bankers have an easier time rune crafting with these supplemental drops.

-Made raids rare drop table from 1/95 to 1/75.

-Made jad pet 1/50 rate instead since it is an achievement to complete the caves and is a little too easy to get at the moment.

-Max capes will now require 22 prestige or all 99s to wear. This solves the issue of maxing on regular and switching to hardcore. 

-Bandos godsword special requires 65%, down from 100%.

-Fixed an issue causing a player to be left behind after the raid was completed.

-Added ring of coins and ring of nature to the donator store.

-You may receive a golden key, crystal key, mystery box, or a DXP voucher for passing the test. The test will happen very rarely so it will not be a nuisance.



-Fixed being able to kill olm's right claw twice to kill The Great Olm.

-Fixed npcs randomly disappearing.

-Glory will now allow you to teleport out of the wilderness up to level 30.



-Olm is now a bit more challenging

-You can no longer die eating rock cakes as it will stop before it kills you

-DXP weekend this friday-sunday :smile: Please note that dxp from tickets will not stack with weekends so be careful not to claim too much time when the weekend exp is going to turn on.
-Twisted bow is now also great against zulrah (mage form), king black dragon, great olm, venenatis, vanguard (mage), vasa, ice demon, skeletal mages, muttadile.

-Ruby bolts(e) special capped to 100 dmg

-Olm's left claw may only be damaged with melee.

-Fixed not being able to stand in front of the slayer master. This was due to the new map data that had an inconspicuous bush in the way lol.

-Added raids teleport in the new player tutorial.

-Made the raids rare table 5% easier to land.

-Moved skotizo due to map changes.



-Fixed completionist cape achievement requirement

-Completionist capes now work as ava accumulators.

-Added ::leave command for raids to get out early rather than xlog.

-You can now start the raid with 3 people.

-Blocked pets being summoned inside of raids.


Hey everyone, I am proud to say that this update has now been completed! It took an incredible amount of time and effort and I believe that it will pay off. I hope everyone enjoys :smile:


  • Dragon harpoon +20% fishing speed when equipped
  • Dinh's bulwark: 20% damage reduction when worn
  • Dragon hunter crossbow: +10% accuracy & damage on dragons, great olm, skeletal wyverns
  • Twisted bow - excellent against sara boss, jad, prime, bandos, corp

  • Kodai wand - works as master wand

  • Ancestral robes - great magic bonus

  • Olmlet - pet functional

  • Twisted buckler - excellent range shield

  • Elder maul - slow but very strong maul

  • Kyren fish - heals 23 hp

  • Revitalisation potion - works as a super restore































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On 2/15/2017 at 0:30 PM, Mr Krabs said:

They do 4 hits of damage but only two show up at the moment, have to fix that still.

ohhhhhhh nice nice nice 

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