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Mr Krabs

Draynor Premium Box Drop Table

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Thank you, @Beer for coming up with this idea.


30x Super strength
30x Super attack
30x Ranging potion
30x Prayer potion
30x Super restore
1 x Dragon defender
1 x Fighter torso
1 x Fire cape

1 x barrows gloves
1 x Mystery emblem tier 3

60x super strength (could be 60x super set)
60x Super attack
60x Ranging potion
60x Prayer potion
60x Super restore
25x Dragon impling
100x Rannarr
100x Torstel
100x snapdragon
100x dwarf weed
1  x Mystery emblem tier 5
1  x abyssal whip
1  x Spirit shield
1  x Dragon boots



150x Supercombats
50 x Lava dragon bones
70 x dragon bones
1  x Onyx
1  x Bandos hilt
1  x Zamorak hilt
1  x zamorak hasta
500x anglerfish
250x black dragon leather
1  x Magic short bow scroll
1  x Dark bow
5  x Crystal key
200x Prayer/super restore potions
1  x mystery emblem 7
1  x boxing gloves
200x Supercombats
75x Lava dragonbones
1 x Dragonfire shield
1 x Zenyte
1 x Armadyl hilt
1 x Saradomin hilt
1 x Holy elixer
1 x mystery emblem tier 10
1 x ranger boots
1 x bandos tassets
1 x bandos chestplate

1 x staff of the dead

1 x pet box

1 x elysian spirit shield

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17 minutes ago, bae said:

my windows are dirty still what check m8


2 minutes ago, Beer said:

Ye he said he was gonna be round to clear my gutters at 14:00 his cleaning company didnt turn up??

I'm still looking for a barrow and an xl shirt, i'll be around shortly

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