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No Torva

Hunt for all Pets

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Hey guys! So I have gotten kind of bored on the server and I asked you guys what to do (which no one suggested so yall suck but whatever). I decided to hunt for all pets!

I will be collection basically everything looted from these monsters and will be doing a massive bank pic every couple days or so.

While I do this, I am able to purchase Pet Crates from the store to get these pets. - I will not be donating for these bonds, but I'll be buying the bonds from players.


[X] Hellpuppy

[X] Beaver - 1

[] Kalphite Princess

[] Smoke Devil

[] Dark Core

[] Prince Black Dragon

[X] Pet Snakeling

[] Chaos Elemental

[X] Callisto

[] Scorpias Offspring

[] Venenatis

[] Vetion

[] Baby Mole

[] Kraken

[X] Dagannoth Supreme

[X] Dagannoth Prime

[X] Dagannoth Rex

[X] Kree'arra

[X] General Graardor

[X] Commander Zilyana - 2

[X] Kril Tsutsaroth - 1

[X] Heron - 17

[X] Baby Chin

[X] Jad Pet

[X] Rock Golen - 12

[X] Baby Cow

[X] Ogre - 1

[X] Abyssal Demon - 2

[] Penance

[X] Personal Banker

[X] Baby Harambe

[X] Olmlet 

[X] Guard Dog




January 22







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46 minutes ago, No Torva said:

Would you guys like screenshots of the drops as well? or just pets?

Sure! Screenshots are pretty cool! Would love to see how lucky (or unlucky like me) you are when getting all your pets :)

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