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Ironman Guide - Created by Bork

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Ironman Guide
Most people have heard of the Ironman game mode, starting from nothing, completely self efficient, it's great. On our server we are lucky enough to have this mode! To begin, simply create an account and select the Ironman Gamemode!
[Image: 149t5c0.png]
(Warning: Players who have selected Ironman cannot trade with other players, nor use most of the Shops. There is a shop in the Draynor Bank that is dedicated completely to this mode!)


Ironman Shop
The Ironman only shop is located in the Draynor Bank.
[Image: 25aqgrr.png]
Since Ironmen cannot trade with other players, or buy from most shops, fishing is the most important skill for them. Without food, bosses, and basically any PvM is not possible. To start fishing run South-West of home to the fishing spots and get started!
[Image: 10prn6b.png]


As Ironman, getting a start is fairly hard, luckily we always have thieving! Thieving is a great way to make starter money to get yourself on your feet, start thieving West of home, and sell your profits to the Ironman Supplier.
[Image: dgs11g.png]


Helpful Tips
Ironman is so far the most difficult gamemode in Draynor. Becoming rich and getting the highest stats takes time, as many things needed for skills can only be obtained through your drops. The command ::drops gives you the option to search for a drop you would like, or the option to see a monster drops. Another great way to progress in your Ironman adventure is to communicate with the other players. You may have just joined but there are players who have been playing Ironman for sometime, and would be happy to guide you on your way. Goodluck on your brand new adventure!


(This guide is a work in progress, anything that you believe should be added here, please leave in the comments.)

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