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Trivia Q & A - Created by Grimmjow

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This thread is here to provide you with a guideline on the many questions you will be asked by the recurring trivia available for every player.  

To answer a question, you will need to type the correct answer after the command '::answer or ::trivia'.

Example: '::answer [answer here]' 

Note: This is not an official guide and the questions and answers are subject to change at any point in time. 

Q: What famous Dutch painter painted the Starry Night?
A: Van gogh

Q: What store sells anti-dragon shields?
A: General store

Q: What cooking level is required to cook a shark?
A: 80

Q: How many pest control points does full void elite cost?

A: 180


Q: What is the worlds largest ocean?
A: Pacific

Q: What combat level is TzTok-Jad?
A: 702

Q: At what Runecrafting level do you start receiving double nature runes?
A: 91

Q: What element is labeled Ne on the period table?
A: Neon

Q: What NPC will assign you a boss slayer task?
A: Nieve

Q: What secondary ingredient is required to make a super strength potion?
A: Limpwurt root

Q: How many coins does it cost to repair broken barrows armour?
A: 500k

Q: Who can you sell your thieving loot to?
A: Thieving master

Q: What defence level is required to wear bandos armour?
A: 65

Q: Which tab contains the option to lock your xp?
A: Equipment

Q: How many shards are required to create a godsword blade?
A: 3

Q: What is the highest level you can acquire in a skill on Draynor?
A: 99

Q: What monster drops abyssal whips?
A: Abyssal demons

Q: Where can you find runite ore on Draynor?
A: Wilderness resource

Q: What day of the week does double experience start?
A: Friday

Q: What shield has a 70% chance of reducing the damage taken by 25%?
A: Elysian

Q: What is the derivative of velocity?
A: Acceleration 

Q: What clan chat can you join to get help from other players?
A: Help

Q: What is the max combat level on old school runescape?
A: 126

Q: What shield can acquire charges to unleash on your opponent?
A: Dragonfire shield.

Q: What is the range level required to wear armadyl armour?
A: 70

Q: What is the cosine of 60 degrees?
A: 0.5 

Q: What is the only American state to begin with the letter P?
A: Pennsylvania

Q: What minigame can you play to get void knight armour?
A: Pest control

Q: What is the herblore level required to make a stamina potion?
A: 77

Q: What prayer drains your opponents prayer by 1/4 of the damage dealt?
A: Smite

Miscellaneous info:

Interval between each trivia question: 10 minutes(apx)


Reward: 500k

Benefit of participation: A shop in the home bank (Draynor) titled "Trivia shop" will sell you various items ranging from cosmetics to 'god' pages (Saradomin/Zamorak etc.) and more as displayed:

[Image: b6c9f16c40.png]

You will receive 1 trivia point after you answer a question successfully, which you can then spend at the aforementioned shop. You can keep track of your points by clicking on the information tab shown below:

[Image: 4557b8dd57.png]

And then proceeding to click 'My account', as shown:

[Image: 57d562dfb4.png]

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