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Official Gold Key Loot & Rates

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Official Gold Key Loot and Rates


Dragon Platelegs
Dragon Plateskirt
Dragon Med Helm
Dragon Scimitar
Book of Darkness
Book of Law
Book of War
Agility Tome
Woodcutting Tome
Firemaking Tome
Mining Tome
Thieving Tome
Fishing Tome
Slayer Tome


Rare (1 in 20)
Infinity Boots
Ranger Boots
Wizard Boots
Holy sandals
Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade
Ward Upgrade Kit
Mysterious Emblem (tier 5)
Uncut Onyx
Gilded Scimitar
Gilded Boots
Gilded Platebody
Gilded Platelegs
Gilded Plateskirt
Gilded Helmet
Gilded Kite


Ultra Rare (1 in 350)
Ranger's Tunic
Robin Hood Hat
Dragonfire Shield
Bando's Chestplate
Bando's Tassets
Zamorak Godsword
Saradomin Godsword
Armadyl Godsword
Bandos Godsword

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