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Mr Krabs

Draynor is now online!

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Welcome to Draynor!
Please click below to download the latest client.
You may also be directed here if you attempt to login on an outdated client.

Client troubleshooting & common issues:
Make sure you have java installed and are opening the .jar file with java and not another program.
Make sure you have permission to the folder in which the client downloaded if on Windows OS. If you cannot, try moving the file to your desktop and launch it from there.
If you are running the client with java but it won't work I recommend using jarfix.  Just run it and it will fix .jar files that are not working properly.
If you are using a VPN and it is not downloading, try turning off the VPN for a second.
Cache issue: If the cache is able to download but you get the black screen with yellow messages giving you tips on how to fix it, close the client, go to your user home folder, and then delete the entire folder that says "Draynor" and launch the client again so that it can redownload the cache.
Also make sure the internet you are on is able to access dropbox (some public wifis will block it), as this is where the client+cache are downloaded from.
Please make sure you are running the latest version of java. You can download it here.
If you have any issues with connecting, please let me know either through a private message or by posting here.

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