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Rules of Draynor

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Above all, please use common sense - it is not hard to stay out of trouble!


*Please note that just because something is not mentioned in the rules does not automatically mean it is allowed.


If you have any questions regarding the rules, please ask a staff member to clarify them for you.

In-game Rules


Key: Bannable offence - Mutable/jailable offence


1: Flaming, Flame-baiting, Spamming, and Disrespect

  • You will be given a warning to stop the behavior and if continued, you will be muted.
  • The length of mute will be determined by the severity and if any previous mutes have been issued.
  • Racial slurs may result in a mute without a warning.


2: Yell abuse

  • Yell is intended for hosting events, broadcasting items you are selling and buying, and general questions.
  • Players should not be having full out conversations on yell. If it happens too often, a yell timer may be implemented.


3: Bug Exploitation

  • Taking advantage of any game mechanic that is clearly not intentional is considered bug exploitation and the appropriate action will be taken against it.
  • If a staff member is online, please notify them of any exploits. Otherwise, please file a report on the forums.
  • If you knowingly withhold information of an exploitable bug you will be held fully accountable.


4: Scamming/Luring

  • Deceiving players in trades is prohibited.
  • Any means of trickery to bring players in the wilderness and kill them for their items is prohibited.


5: Macroing/botting

  • Auto-typers, autoclickers, hotkeys, and other mouse/key recorders are prohibited. This includes autotyping ::recharge!
  • Using any other software to complete actions is prohibited and will result in associated items and stats being wiped on first offense. If it persists you will be banned.
  • If you are suspected of botting, a staff member member may test you by teleporting you to them to see if it throws off a macro.
  • If you are completing actions and unresponsive to staff, it will be assumed that you are botting since there is no discernible difference.


6: Advertising

  • You may not discuss other private servers on Draynor, as this is considered a form of advertising. This includes telling others about a new server you found to join instead. Blatant advertising will result in a complete ban from the Draynor community.


7: Punishment Evasion

  • If you evade a punishment given you will be IP-muted or banned. You should not log on another account to try and dispute your punishment.
  • The proper channel is to post an appeal on the forums or post a report on the staff member for an unjust punishment.


8: DDoS Threats

  • DDoS threats will result in an immediate ban from the Draynor community. 


9: Staff impersonation

  • You may NOT impersonate a staff member under any circumstances.


11: Multiple Offenses

  • Users who are constantly breaking the rules may be subject to a ban from Draynor. 


12: Real-world Trading

  •  Exchanging anything that is outside of Draynor for things on Draynor will result in both parties being permanently banned from the server.


13: Gambling

  • Gambling is a controversial activity and is prohibited because a lot of players do not have the self-control gambling requires and it hurts the player population.
  • As a result, we highly encourage you to venture on out into the wilderness and enjoy the high risk/reward experience there instead!


14: Account sharing/trading/hacking

  • The hacking, selling, sharing, or giving away of accounts is prohibited.


15: Raids

  • If you are caught leeching you will be kicked and if it continues the punishment will amplify from there. This includes players with inadequate weaponry/skills or anyone who is not contributing in general (afking at the spawn area of the room and not attacking, not collecting grubs, etc).
  • Purposely sabotaging the raid by dying or any other means will result in you being kicked from the raid.


16: Weapon game

  • Farming points will not be tolerated and will result in the removal of any points/rewards and additional punishment.


17: Reports

  • If you notice someone breaking the rules, please file a report or notify a staff member of it so that action can be taken against it.
  • Knowingly withholding information about a rule being broken may result in you facing the same consequence as the rule breaker.


18: Risk PKing/Boxing

  • Players must verify that both have the risk that they agree to in the fight. For your own protection, you must use a staff member as a middleman or record the battle, and have it ready for submission in case a scam occurs. In the event of a scam, all accounts of the scammer will be banned and the winner will be paid out. Do not count on staff members to dig through logs if you did not take the proper precautions. If you need free recording software, I can personally recommend hypercam 2, which you can download here.


19: Lending Items

  • The lending of items is allowed, however it must be noted that it is completely your responsibility and that will not retrieve items off of players accounts. Stealing items from players will still constitute as scamming and the offender will still be banned, but no item retrieval. We do not have the time to baby sit players items. It is your choice.


20: VPN Voting

  • Excessively changing your IP-address to vote will not be tolerated. It is against the rules for toplists and also damages the voting structure of the server by undermining the cost of the items in the vote store.


21: Multilogging

  • We have no problem with players who want to be as efficient as possible and encourage players to multilog even to enjoy multiple gamemodes (iron and regular for example). The only scenario in which multilogging is not allowed is if you are fighting the same player in the wilderness on multiple accounts.


22: Group Ironman

  • You cannot sabotage in any way or steal items from your group bank and transfer them to an account outside of your group.
  • There is to be no account sharing either. If you didn't create the account, you should not be on it.

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Hello Draynor!

A new section has been added which lists all of the rules that apply when using the forum:

Forum Rules

1. No advertising content not associated with Draynor.
First offense: Post edited, user PMed, and content submitted by the user would need approval afterwards.  Subsequent: Full forum ban.

2. No flaming.
First offense: Post edited, user warned through warning system and PMed. Subsequent: Forum mute for x amount of days. Permanent mute/ban if persistent.

3. No disrespecting staff.
First offense: Post edited, temporary forum mute. Subsequent: Forum mute for x amount of days. Permanent mute/ban if persistent.

4. No inappropriate signatures, pictures, or text.
First offense: Post/signature edited, user PMed or warned Subsequent: Temporary forum mute. Permanent mute/ban if persistent.

5. No spamming.
First offense: Posts merged or deleted if nonsensical, user PMed or warned. Subsequent: Temporary forum mute. Permanent mute/ban if persistent.

6. No bumping topics older than 1 month (pinned topics are exempt from this rule).
First offense: User PMed or warned if severe, thread(s) locked. Subsequent: Warned and possibly muted temporarily. Permanent mute/ban if persistent.

7. No racist, vulgar or disruptive behavior.
First offense: Post edited, user PMed and warned. Subsequent: Temporary forum mute. Permanent mute/ban if persistent.

8. No posting under appeals/reports if it is not your topic (same goes with account recoveries).
First offense: User notified on thread. Subsequent: User warned and muted temporarily/permanently if persistent.

9. No offensive language.
First offense: Post edited, user PMed and warned. Subsequent: Temporary forum mute. Permanent mute/ban if persistent.

10. No bumping a topic within 24 hours of the last post.
First offense: User notified on thread. Subsequent: User PMed and warned. Temporary or permanent mute if persistent.

12. No double posting.
First offense: Posts merged, user notified on thread. Subsequent: User PMed and warned if necessary. Temporary or permanent mute if persistent.

13. No deleting your posts (such as modifying, select all, and backspacing). 
First offense: User notified on thread and PMed. Subsequent: Temporary forum mute. Permanent mute/ban if persistent.

14. All topics, posts, must be in English.
First offense: User notified on thread and PMed. Subsequent: User warned. Temporary or permanent mute/ban if persistent.

15. Do not abuse the "Report to Moderator" function.
First offense: User warned and PMed. Subsequent: Temporary forum ban. Permanent ban if persistent.

Most of these rules are common sense which is the common demoninator when it comes to posting on the forum and I'm happy to say that so far it hasn't been much of a problem.
These rules have been put in place to protect both the players and the staff of Draynor by making sure that no personal bias and/or subjective impressions can be the cause of an infraction.

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the newly added rules to avoid unknowingly breaking them.:smile:

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