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Mr Krabs

Server Updates 10/1/19 - 10/31/19

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Update 10/12/19

- Added bone crusher effect for Hydra, Wyrm & Drake bones

- Added twisted bow effect to hydra

- Fixed an accuracy bug when switching between certain weapons

- Added a chance to drop a mystery emblem tier 4 from completing a wilderness slayer task

- Brimstone keys will now announce on drop

- Fixed the guthix halo in voting store

If you have any Qol or future update suggestions please message Coins on discord



- Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

You can find the teleport under 'training teleport'

Introducing Kodai wand (i), Elysian spirit shield (i), Arcane spirit shield (i)

You will need 2 of the same item with the imbue scroll to make the imbued item

For example: 2 elysian spirit shields + elysian imbue scroll = Elysian spirit shield (i)

There you can find Hydra, Wyrms, Drakes, brimstone chest

Each one has their own unique drops

Hydra - Brimstone ring, Kodai wand upgrade scroll, Brimstone key

Drakes - Devout boots, Boots of brimstone

Wyrm - Elysian, Arcane upgrade scroll

Brimstone Chest - Healer, attacker, defender & collector icon, golden keys, master & elite clues + osrs loot table can be found in the chest

Brimstone keys can be bought in the slayer store for 5 slayer points

You can find the brimstone chest at the entrance of the dungeon

Note: Please give feed back to coins on the brimstone chest rewards

- Primordial, Eternal, Pegasian boots (i)

You can find the upgrade scrolls from Mole, Barrelchest, Sea troll queen

They have been buffed give feedback if they are to easy or hard

Sixty is now serving as Community Manager and Coins is now co-owner

We will now resume working on Tob now that Hydra is it, and the custom GWD 2 on the side

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