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187/Asy ; Staff Application

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Waddup it's ya boyyyyy!


Username: 187, Asy, Asylum, Shrooms, Free Bow Jobs, Asylvm, Asylum YEET, Ye, OBS, Plugs, Kippelstein, Reborn, Iron s8n, LDN, London, Cosmetic, Cosmetics, RIP CJ, Antichrist, Tobacco, about 30 others but importantly, we will stick with 187 and Asy for the time being.


Time zone: England til I die. GMT +1


Hours promised:

  • Monday - Majority of the time, at least 1
  • Tuesday - Majority of the time, at least 1
  • Wednesday - Majority of the time, at least 1
  • Thursday - Majority of the time, at least 1
  • Friday - Majority of the time, at least 1
  • Saturday - Majority of the time, at least 1
  • Sunday - Majority of the time, at least 1


Any exceptions to the hours promised, and how often they would occur:
So I'd like to comfortably say I'm on most days, I work in a pub so I can never tell you what hours I'm working until just before the start of the week.

I usually do anywhere between 3-8 hour shifts, again it's not possible for me to say when these happen but majority of the time, I have Monday and Tuesday off, subject to change.

I like a drink so Tuesdays are £1 a drink nights and Friday and Saturday, well they're the decent nights so who knows what happens!


The two staff members that are vouching for you:

No staff are online. If you see this and think I'm cool then let me know so I can edit you in.


Why we should approve your application:

I've been staff on here before, I requested demotion due to knowing my activity was slowly decaying. I've been back for a while now and I'm still really enjoying myself.

I aim to help everyone that needs it and will always greet new players when they log in including helping them make an efficient start to their time here on Draynor.

I see you like voters, currently both of my accounts are #1 and #2 of this month and ain't nobody stopping me now! I'M HERE TO WIN!

I'm often online when no other staff are so I feel this can benefit the server in many ways, be that people looking for help or even to keep the peace if anything begins to get heated.


Anything else you'd like to tell us:

One time when I was 4 years old, my Mother came into the kitchen to see me sitting on the counter with a knife held vertically in front of my face whilst quoting Mortal Kombat.

I personally wouldn't like my previous role as staff count towards this application. This would be a pure case of me wanting to prove myself from the very bottom of the ranks and see how things end up.


Unfortunately my laptop is terrible on the Draynor Forum and likes to take ages to do things. I apologise if this is messy unlike all my old colourful threads.

So just to jazz it up a little, here's a bit of colour for you. #CoolKids

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Hey Asy. I've seen you around and I think you'd make a great addition. You can also edit Coins and me as your staff vouches as it's a requirement 🙂

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