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Beginner Ironman Guide

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Hey guys, people are always asking how to start up as an ironman, so i figured i'd make a little guide since i've made many irons in the past and i'd say im quite efficient with how I startup playing. This took me a while to put together, so I hope you enjoy!


Account creation: Pretty straight forward, make your account and choose Ironman


Starting out: If you plan on maxing, then make sure to vote every 12 hours, and i encourage you to vote regardless of your plans of maxing or not. Start out by voting (4 points) Once you vote, do ::reward 2 all while ingame, and use your votes on 1 seed box.


Farming: With the money you get from voting, buy a rake, a spade, and a seed dibber and teleport to farming via skilling teles. Rake the herb patch and 1 allotment patch, this will get you a high enough level to plant guams. Plant 2 guam seeds and collect/clean the herbs you get from them. By now you should be around 30 farming, you need 26 for the next seed, plant harralanders and clean them until you have 32 herblore/38 farming, you'll then move onto Ranarr seeds, Plant/clean as many ranarrs as you can to get to about ~200 ranarr weeds, to make prayer potions.


Herblore: With the 200 Ranarrs you get from farming, make them all into prayer potions. Get 14 water vials and 14 ranarrs in an invent, make them into unf potions and add snapegrass to them, repeat until you finish all 200. By the end you should have ~200 Prayer potions.


Fishing/Cooking: Buy a small fishing net, a lobster pot, and a harpoon, Start off buy fishing shrimp/anchovies by the willow tree at home and cooking them until you reach level 40 in both, and move on to catching lobsters with your lobster pot until level 62, at 62 you can now fish monkfish using a small fishing net. Fish monkfish until atleast 76 fishing and 80 cooking, at this point you have two options. You can continue fishing/cooking until 99 from sharks, or you can move on and fish later.


Thieving/Crafting: If you plan on going for max, then get about 50 hitpoints from killing rock crabs with your starter gear, then do 1-50 thieving at stalls, and then go to wall safes, get there by teleporting to warriors guild via minigames teles, running to the pub andgoing down the trapdoor in the south west corner. Thieve the wall safes from 1-99, eat lobsters/monkfish to regain your health (OPTIONAL: Get 43 prayer before doing this, and pray melee to make the damage 1 every time you take damage at saves, instead of 3 and eat/take a prayer potion sip whenever you need it(HIGHLY RECCOMENDED but not needed)) For crafting, buy some shears from the ironman store, teleport to crafting guild via the skilling teleports and go around back and shear ~10ish sheep depending on if hc or not, and spin the wool at the spinning wheel, pick flax if needed from 15-20 then cut gems, start out doing all your sapphires you get from wall safes and then move onto diamonds, and dragonstones, if you plan on maxing then do all of the gems eventually to get to 99 (HIGHLY suggest doing this atleast a little bit
to get the level required for A Ring of wealth at the minimum, or 80 for a glory)


Starting the combat grind: starting out, get about 60s in all combats at rock crabs, then moving on buy a rune pickaxe and an anti dragon shield, and suicide over and over at west dragons (pvp teles) until you get enough bones for 43 prayer. then with your trusty rune pickaxe, move on to ankous while praying melee to get a dragon scimitar, collect all the supplies you get from them (black knives, death runes, key halves, bolts, etc). Once you get your dragon scimitar, then go to barbarian assault in minigames teles and kill the penance rangers with protect from range until you get a fighter torso. Once you get your torso, start doing some range, by using the starting bow and arrow, then moving on to black knives (Level 10) (If you get unlucky with the dragon scimitar, feel free to start training range on the ankous!)


Mage training early on: To train early on mage levels, do 2 easy tasks (until you have 10 points) and buy a pack of chaos runes, this will get you 1000 chaos runes (Extremely good). Use the starter runes until you have a high enough level to use wind blast, and with an air staff and the chaos runes, kill Rock crabs until you have 68 magic (for row and glory if you choose to make)

By now you should have 70ish range, and some decent melee stats, you have multiple choices next that you can do, you can do them in any order but i highly suggest to do them all eventually! 


Smithing route: If you'd like to get smithing out of the way, and get a load of bolts/darts and a rune crossbow, then start doing smithing, make bronze bars using tin and copper, then move on to iron, and then steel using iron and coal until you get to about 60 smithing/mining (MAKE DARTS WITH THE BARS). Mine mithril up until 70ish mining, and then mine coal until 80, after this mine addy until 99 (check on your coal often and make sure the coal is close to what you have in addy) then do addy bolts all the way to 99 mining/92ish smithing. (You'll get 99 mining way before 99 smithing, if you would like to max you can keep on training smithing by mining addy/coal till 99) If you choose to get 92 smithing, then make a pair of runite limbs using 1 rune bar (can get rune ore from wilderness resource), you should have enough darts to get you to atleast 69 fletching which is needed for a rune crossbow. Make a rune crossbow by getting flax, making it into bow string, a yew log into a yew stock, and combining the runite limbs with them. 


Slayer route: At this point you should have atleast 43 prayer, a dscim, torso, and a decent range level, start getting hard tasks and training up your slayer and doing any barrows tasks you get at wildy barrows, the prayer pots will come in useful for hard tasks! Can suicide at wildy barrows to not waste any supplies.
Get 85 Slayer then camp abby demons with ppots for a whip. Once you get a whip, camp spiritual mages with ppots for dboots (found slightly north east of godwars tele in pvm teleports) pray magic. Should have a decent amount of barrows armor from this grind, will come in useful for bossing later on


Emblem grinding route: This next route is not very well known, but I always do it when making irons and it is 100% the MOST efficient way of doing things. take 16 prayer potions, and the rest food along with whatever gear you have (Going into wilderness so dont take anything you arent willing to lose if pked) and teleport to mage bank in pvp teles, tele out and go to the giant arena slightly east, pull the level to get in. What you're looking for here is A master wand, a mages book, any infinity (especially boots) and Tier 5 Emblems (the most important) The more emblems the merrier, but once you get your first 2 emblems, leave and go to ::edge to turn them in, buy a d defender (t) and barrows gloves, and go back for more emblems. You'll want a few more to get the potion packs, and a crystal shield (for bossing later on)


Bossing: By now you should have dboots, a whip, crystal shield/d defender, and barrows armor and you can begin bossing, you can choose to get boss tasks and get your slayer up, or just go and grind whichever boss you desire, happy hunting!


Things to know:

Can get runite limbs from steel dragons if not wanting to do the 92 smithing grind.


If you don't choose to do thieving/crafting, you can buy a gem box when you vote the 2nd time, and get crafting up that way.


This is just the way I like to do my grinds, this is by no means a "you have to do this or you aren't efficient" I am by no means the most efficient, its more of if you'd like some help getting started, keep in mind that in the end its your own choice, and ironman is your way to play the game solo and whichever way you choose to.



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