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"Troll the trolls" Moneymaking Method

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Hi all!,


Welcome to my "Troll the trolls" Moneymaking Method.


Most of you know the following situation; for hours and hours you have been grinding mining, farming or combat.

You did manage to collect a high amount of ores, herbs or any other resource.

You, the poor noob that you are, decides to sell your rare resources for a decent price at the Player Owned Shop.


And then it happens...


One of those few rich people on the server pass by your Player Owned Shop and start buying your resources.

So far so good, until,... 

..you see the rich player making fun of you by buying every resource 1 by 1.

Slowly spamming your message box full of selling messages which are only low amounts of cash.


From now on this humiliating behaviour from the rich players will turn into your best Moneymaking Method!

When you see a rich player buying your items in high volume, but only 1 by 1, you will be ready to change the price of the item to any price you want!

Their repeatedly clicking will not make them realise immidiatelly that they are buying your resources for over millions per piece!


Below an example, good luck to you all!


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