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Crack the Clue!

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Hello and welcome to draynors first ever crack the clue!


I put together something i thought would be fun and challenging for draynor!

if you're not familiar with 'Crack the Clue' it is a special clue-seeker event held over the course of four weeks during 2016, where map clues were released on Osrs.

“Over the course of the next four weeks we will be releasing four clues here on the forums. These clues will be solvable in game, allowing you to unlock one piece of a brand new set of cosmetic gear each week!


Location Hint: You go here after completing something at the start of Old School Runescape

Item(s) Hint: You use this Item to skill with, & this item to kill with

Of course there will be a reward for your hard work, a $10 bond along with #CrackTheClue title


Week 1 Hint:

Location: It is near somewhere you go to kill certain monsters

Items: One item has been introduced to draynor recently , the other is a item you can train, pk with, but not many people find it useful

You dont need a spade, and needs to be combined at the place to be complete.

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