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Iron Cody

Rev Caves and Brace of Etherum

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So the release of the caves has gotten me way more into playing the game, and ive found myself actually looking for time to play inbetween work and college. Its a great addition to the server, I have one suggestion to possibly make things better. In order to try to grind for the bracelet im having to compete with players because only one npc in the cave drops it, when you have people that have more time to play and literally sit camping the one dragon in the cave for hours at a time no one else can get the oppurtunity to really kill one. I suggest adding a few more dragons or even adding it to the next highest level rev. that way one person with a bracelet and million restores cant take away the chance for other players.

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On 2/20/2019 at 1:43 AM, Sleds said:

Ehm does this look like deadman mode to u?

Bro variety is kl i know draynor is os based but if i wanted entirely os based id play osrs 

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