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Platinum Resource

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To make platinum zone different but better we added 'Platinum Resource'

What is Platinum Resource? it is a area that gives 1.5xp to skills, just like the wilderness resource. 


What's the difference between the two? only difference is the platinum resource you can not get pk'd. players here can not use ::bank or personal banker. 


what im getting at is, we added 'piles' to the area, and we also added 'un-note' function, its the same price as noting (50 coins an item) . which means all skills can be added to Platinum resource area, rcing, hunter, farming, etc


the piles in wilderness resource will have the 'un-note' function


will this be okay at (50coins an item) or should we up the price to (X coins an item) or remove the 'un-note' function all together




note: if you all choose to keep it or up the price, Plats would you want all skills 1-99 objects ( all rcing altars, hunter, etc)  to being able to level or just the high level content

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I think the 50 gp unnote price seems fair, could even be up to 100 gp each honestly. 

id like to see all skills available out there. rc, hunter (chins and imps). 


farming as well 


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8 minutes ago, pgn said:

I think it should be upped to 100 ea item because it would be a better gp sink. 

100 ea is only 2.8k a inventory, still kinda cheap

54 minutes ago, No Torva said:

Make it 1k per unnote or to note things. It's easy to make money on here so why not take some gp out?

28k a inv isnt to bad, i think it should be higher tbh

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Maybe a % to be charged? just like the demon butler in runescape, now and then he asks for some money for his services.. perhaps a couple mill every few invents.

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