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Iron Dawg's Drop Log

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Staff of the Dead

Zamorakian Spear - Kc 245

Zamorak Hilt

K'ril Tsutsaroth Pet




Armadyl Chainskirt

Armadyl Chestplate

Armadyl Helmet

Armadyl Hilt

Kree'Arra Pet



Bandos Chestplate - N/A

Bandos Tassets - Kc 1192

Bandos Boots - N/A

Bandos Hilt - N/A

Graardor Pet - N/A

Completed in 1193 (1/30/2019)



Saradomin sword - N/A

Armadyl Crossbow - N/A

Saradomin Hilt

Zilyana Pet


King Black Dragon:

Draconic Visage

Dragon Pickaxe - N/A


KBD Head



Seers Ring

Archers Ring - N/A

Berserker Ring - N/A

Warrior Ring - N/A

Dragon Axe - N/A

Prime Pet

Supreme Pet

Rex Pet


Wilderness Bosses:

Odium Ward

Malediction Ward

Treaseanous Ring - N/A

Tyrannical Ring - N/A

Ring of the Gods - N/A

Chaos Elemental Pet

Vet'ion Pet

Callisto Pet

Scorpia Pet

Venenatis Pet


Demonic Gorillas:

All 4 Zenyte Shards - N/A

Unstrung Heavy Ballista - N/A

Monkey Tail - N/A

Harambe Pet


Monarchs/Abyssal Nexus:

Abyssal Bludgeon

Abyssal Dagger - N/A

Abyssal Demon Pet


Kalphite Queen:

Kalphite Queen Princess

Kalphite Head

Dragon chainbody




Dark Claw

Skotizo Pet



Primordial Crystal - N/A

Pegasian Crystal - N/A

Eternal Crystal - N/A

Hellpuppy - N/A

Finished in 916kc (2/5/2019)



Magic Fang - N/A

Tanzanite Fang - TOTEM #8

Serpentine Visage - N/A

Uncut Onyx - N/A 

Tanzanite Mutagen - 297kc

Magma Mutagen - N/A

Snakeling Pet 0/3


Penance Queen:

Penance Queen Pet


Thermonuclear Smoke Devil:

Occult Necklace - N/A

Smoke Devil Pet



Kraken Tentacle - |

Trident of the Seas - N/A

Kraken Pet


Lizardman Shaman:

Dragon Warhammer - N/A


Corporeal Beast:

Elysian Sigil

Arcane Sigil

Spectral Sigil - 81 KC

Spirit Shield 2/3

Holy Elixir 2/3

Core Pet



Dragonbone necklace

Vorkath Head

Dragonfire ward/visage



Wild Crab:

Pyro Hood

Pyro Top - N/A

Pyro Robe Legs - N/A

Pyro Boots

Kandarin Helm 4

Varrock Armour 4 - N/A

Morytania Legs 4 - N/A

Freminik Boots 4 - N/A

Karamja Gloves 4 - N/A

Wilderness Sword 4 - N/A

Falador Shield 4 - N/A

Crawbclaw hook -N/A

Wild Crab Pet - 73 KC





Twisted Buckler
Rigour Scroll - N/A

Augury Scroll - TOTEM

Kodai Wand - N/A 

Dinh's Bulwark

Twisted Bow - N/A

Ancestral Hat - N/A

Ancestral Top - N/A

Ancestral Bottoms

Dragon Claws - Kc 2

Elder Maul

Dragon Harpoon - N/A

Olmlet - N/A




Imbued Heart

Ranger Boots - N/A

4 Godsword Shard 1 - N/A

4 Godsword Shard 2 - N/A

4 Godsword Shard 3 - N/A

Full Obby - N/A

(Stole Horizon's/Sixtys Template)~

Let me know if there any other items you'd like to see added to this list 🙂

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Received Saradomin Sword

Received Holy Elixir

Received Spirit Shield

Received Corp Pet

Received Treasonous Ring

Received Tyrannical Ring


Added Vorkath and their drops to the list

Added Penance Queen to the list


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Update Time 😄



Drops Received:


Spectral Sigil on 81kc
Wild Crab
Pyro top - N/A
Pyro Legs - N/A
Wildy sword 4 - N/A
Fally Shield 4 - N/A
Crabclaw Hook - N/A
Wild Crab - 73kc
Pegasian Crystal - 916kc


Working On:


Working on:


Prime Pet

Seers Ring

Wild Crab

Karamja gloves 4

Fremenik boots 4 (essential to grind vorkath)

Pyro Hood

Pyro Boots


Draconic Visage

KBD Heads


Corporeal Beast

Elysian Sigil

Arcane Sigil

1 Holy Elixir

2 Spirit Shields


Additions to the log:
Wild Crab and all their drops



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Drops received:

Received a 2nd spirit shield on 140 kc

Received a tanzanite fang from my 8th zulandra totem

Received Occult necklace

Did the inferno and got the cape, no pet unfortunately


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Varrock Top 4
Freminik boots 4
morytania legs 4
karamja gloves 4
Kraken Tent
Augury Scroll from raid tokens

Made roughly 1b from revenants in 3days, will probably still grind them or move on to corp

I've been REALLY lazy and still havent gotten a vorkath head, I will hopefully get it soon, But i just really dislike that boss.

Will be working on:
Corp (still)

Dks (while needing to afk)

KBD (while needing to afk)


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