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Road To Comped UIM

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Hey guys, over a year ago I decided to make an UIM and played around ~14 hours but ended up quitting because of not being able to use noted items on the bank at the time although it has since been fixed to allow you to, because of that I have decided to start playing on the account again! 


I'm not sure whether or not to get donator on the account, let me know your opinions! (I wouldnt buy anything from donor shop, and maybe not even use donor zone, but i would like it for gwd kill count! So maybe just $25 purely for that)


I am starting this thread off with these stats and these items

 I'll update this every couple days 🙂




To recap what i did a year and a half ago




got 71 thieving for some starter cash


got 99 agility out of the way, kept the marks of grace for later use (will knock p5 out of the way asap to get an inventory space)


Killed some baby dragons for 60 prayer and some melee stats


Got 99 range through bronze arrows/knife drops from various monsters (mostly rock crabs)


did 99 runecrafting by putting some essence in the bank then taking it out because i couldnt use noted items on the bank, used the runes to get 62 magic then used wind wave against rex in hopes to get a dragon axe (i got lucky and got one!)


Now that we're all caught up, i can get the gains on the move!


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24 Hours update, i got a lot done


I was lucky enough to receive a Uncut Onyx from a crystal key!



I received dragon claws on only 31 kc! Alched them for 50m gp



I killed some lizardmen shamans/lizardmen to get some crafting levels, going for 90 currently to make a fury

Collecting the ranarr seeds from them, got 71 farming so far.

Did a few boss slayer tasks, (dagannoths using 500k to skip tasks, didnt get anything good unfortunately), got 80 slayer
Killed some gargoyles for a gold bar, cut a dstone, runecrafted some runes and made a ring of wealth

Killed ancient gorillas for a dscim because i died and lost mine, got it on 38kc


How I will be doing herblore if anybody is interested




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Wait, Fake UIM is you? Pretty sure you told me you were Tw0 or some shit when I saw you on the account like a year ago 😂

Good luck man, I look forward to seeing the progress!

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1 hour ago, Jordan said:

Wait, Fake UIM is you? Pretty sure you told me you were Tw0 or some shit when I saw you on the account like a year ago 😂

Good luck man, I look forward to seeing the progress!

Tw0 had an account named UIM Fake, maybe it was on that acc 😛

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Another update! 

Not a whole lot of skilling gains the past few days, but some insane drops have happened!

Got 94 crafting, made myself a fury

90 Herblore and 81 farming

88 fishing, 86 cooking and got myself some sharks for pvm

Got 83 mining and 78 smithing and made around 1k bolts to use for pvm

Did 10 vorkath kills, currently have a vorkath slayer task and will eventually get that done

95 Prayer, grinded 200 wyverns for a dfs, no luck yet

Received a whip at 122 kc

Got a dwh really early on at 51

Received a godsword shard 3 (have to drop for inventory space :/) been doing saradomin whenever i get ecumenical keys

Got RANGER BOOTS at only 18 medium clue scrolls! got really lucky with that and im glad, was risking 50 hours of progress by getting emblems in the wilderness


Thats it for the past couple days, i got some pretty good luck a long with some nice skilling gains


This weekend is dxp weekend so im hoping that i can max this weekend because a max cape would be huge early on for the +5% bonus drop rate! I am also going to attempt to get p5 agility out of the way to free up an inventory slot that my marks of grace currently occupy


My next update will most likely be shortly after dxp weekend, catch ya then! 😉


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Update Time 😄 

So guys, its been a week since i've made the account and i have 96 hours on the account, which means i've played 82 hours in the past 7 days (yikes i need a life) and I have gotten some pretty good gains since i've started!


I am currently 2020 total level out of 2178! Im getting there 😄 should be maxed within a couple days, the only hard/long skill i have left is slayer, which shouldn't be too bad and i'll be doing boss tasks (mostly, might grab a couple hards for cave krakens)

Skilling Gains


Since the last update, i've gotten 99 Herblore and 99 Farming from Lizardmen seed drops while going for 99 crafting

Camped lizardmen for a couple hours, got 99 crafting

got P4 99 Agility (basically p5 but i want 99 for the unlimited run energy)

Currently trying to get a dpick so i can get 99 Mining, 99 Smithing, and 99 Fletching by making adamant bolts (ruby bolts eventually) for pvm

I got 99 Woodcutting, 99 Firemaking (was a pain to do with only 10ish inventory spots at the time)

Got 99 fishing and cooking


Pvm Gains

I received a Armadyl Crossbow at a low kc of 58!

I got a dragon axe from supreme for 99 woodcutting, sold it for 5m for inventory space once i was done

I got kbd heads at 43 kc, but i will more than likely have to drop it for inventory space and its only cosmetic so w/e

I was lucky enough to get an ancestral robe top on only 12 kc at raids while getting 100 tokens for preserve prayer to help with minimizing potion costs

Got an onyx from a ckey chest, not sure what im going to do with it yet, may try and get zenyte jewelery if i get a gorilla slayer task


Current Goals


My current goals for the next few days are mostly going to be revolved around maxing, and bossing through getting 99 slayer


Going to continue to attempt to get a dfs, its a tank shield and it means i can drop my dragon defender

Going to try and kill 50 Vorkath, or until i get a Vorkath head for an avas assembler

If i get an ecumenical keys, or gwd tasks, i will try and do them (not counting armadyl as of right now)

Regarding cerberus tasks, i will be hoping to get a primordial crystal or pegasian crystal, if i get a eternal i will most likely have to drop it (i have no use for mage atm until i attempt the inferno but that wont be for a while)

Maybe a gharazi rapier? depends if im on in the middle of the night when nobody else is


I decided to change up the format a little bit, lmk if you guys like it 🙂  cya in a few days


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I don't even know if anybody ever reads these, but it was brought to my attention that until looting bag I should use the bank for the respective 28 slots that would normally be in a looting bag however for things like the seed box, and rune pouch I will not be doing anything regarding those (unless they were added) I'll be using the looting bag restrictions that can be found on the looting bag osrs wiki page, Which are basically just no untradeables in the looting bag, so I will not put any untradeables in the bank 🙂 The things that are not stackable in your inventory (for example ecumenical key) if i put the items in my bank, it will count as 2 slots


Since I wouldn't be risking the items in my looting bag while in the wilderness, I will be giving all the items in my bank to anyone who can kill me in the wilderness (please don't though because i would be very upset)


Also regarding pets, (screw you @Coins) I will be keeping any and all pets that i receive in my bank because I really enjoy pet hunting, and I'm not able to do that without a menagerie house in POH, as we don't have construction


I already maxed (except for a few slayer levels) without the use of my bank, but I would like to do some high tier pvm which isnt able to be done with 4 pieces of food


If anyone does actually read this (doubt it) let me know what you guys think, should I use the bank for the "looting bag" aswell as pets, or should i stay away from that and not be able to do any pvm [:(]


In OSRS for the looting bag you would have to suicide to get your items out, but im not really able to do that, so any thoughts of how I can do that/something else to make it somewhat fair would be welcomed! 😄 

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