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Super Antifire added into the game

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Overall a stronger version of regular anti-fire/ extended anti-fire. The base form last 3 minutes requires 92 herblore to make using crushed superior dragon bones and adding them to a regular anti-fire potion. The extended version would last 6 minutes requiring 98 herblore to make one by adding lava dragon scales to the regular super anti-fire potion. It would provide complete immunity to dragon-fire attacks from most dragons and only partial protection to vorkath's attacks, while not working on KBD's poison, shocking, or freezing dragon-fires. This paired with protect from magic I feel like shouldn't negate all damage from "boss" dragons; but make it minimal enough to allow players to not require an anti-dragon shield, or Dragonfire Shield/Ward. This would allow players to use different weapons at these areas but still require supplies to be used as to not have it be "over-powered".   

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If I’m not mistaken extended antifires act as a super anti fire, in the case that you don’t need an anti dragon shield or dfs. 


Just combine a lava scale shard to a normal antifire (need 84 Herblore) you get the lava scale shard by grinding a lava scale (from lava dragons) using a pestle and mortar


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