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This isn’t a love song, this is goodbye

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Wagwan guys,


After a year and a bit of playing, getting everything I wanted to get and meeting some cushty people... It’s time to hang up my prims


Thanks to everyone that I’ve met that have made my experience on Draynor so good


Most importantly thank you to Senor Krabs for supplying me with hundreds and hundreds of hours of content to cure my boredom whilst I’m sat in my bedroom with one hand down my boxers, you’re the MVP


I’ll still be on Discord but will no longer be logging into the game apart from one more time to give the rest of my items to a friend


Take care guys,


Asylum/187 and for Sleds; Cosmetics



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Aww J my mandem 😞 gonna miss you homie but surely KIT on discord xx (dunno if I'm dumb but I didn't understand this; "Asylum/187 and for Sleds; Cosmetics")


best of luck irl I'm sure you will pull many the females and have a great time <333

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