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Iron Cody

790 Hours Later I Finally Did It

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This post is to show off my account (Iron btw) that I have finally achieved completionist on. 🏆 As well as to share what i plan on doing with the account post comp



That fashionscape tho 💋



Now to show off the beauty of a bank: (I know its messy no placeholders and I cant be asked to keep it in order)



I have gone 300 dry of any drops at Cerberus don't make fun of my ugly boots














Now the plans for the account: As of right now I am currently ranked 15 on the ironman high scores and I hope by the end of this weekend to move up the ranks and at least get to top 10. Of course my main goal is top 5 but there is a lot of work to be done before that is even anywhere close. Non highscores wise I would like to just continue to work on the account, get drops I still need complete challenging things such as the inferno, and also obtain my first raids drop. The total of completing the account probably took somewhere around 500 hours, with nearly 300 most likely bank standing, I never did things the most efficient ways, this is a runescape private server after all and my main goal is to just enjoy it and have fun. Thanks for reading my post I look forward to keeping you guys updated and progressing the account even further.



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Very nice and congratulations 🙂 Comlpetionist cape only requires 67 out of the 76 achievements, as there was a time when a couple of achievements were not being marked as completed. This was fixed but I have not updated the requirement as that would make people who previously earned the cape unable to wear it until they did all the achievements.

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