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~Snickers~ Road To All Pets.

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Special thanks goes to @ryanheinz and @Cjtigger who put together this magnificent template for all pets! Added in all runecrafting pets and new raids pets.


Abyssal Orphan

Pet Penance Queen



Kalphite Princess

Pet Smoke Devil

Pet Dark Core

Prince Black Dragon

Pet Snakeling (Magma/Red)

Pet Snakeling (Tanzanite/Blue)

Pet Snakeling (Normal/Green)

Chaos Elemental Jr.

Callisto Cub

Scorpia's Offspring

Venenatis Spiderling

Vet'ion Jr (Orange)

Vet'ion Jr (Purple)

Baby Mole


hellpuppyDagannoth Supreme

Dagannoth Prime

Dagannoth Rex

Pet Kree'arra

Pet General Graardor

Pet Commander Zilyana

Pet Kril Tsutsaroth


Baby Cow

Jal-nib-rek (Inferno pet)

Baby Harambe

Secret formula (Krab pet)

Abyssal Demon


Bloodhound (Clues)

Tangleroot (Farming)

Squirrel (Agility)

Heron (Fishing)

Raccoon (Thieving)

Phoenix (Firemaking)

Beaver (Woodcutting)

Rock Golem (Mining)

Baby Chinchompa (Gold)

Baby Chinchompa (Black)

Baby Chinchompa (Grey)

Baby Chinchompa (Red)

Guard Dog (Pet box)

Wolf Whistle (Pet box)

Ogre Tooth (Pet box)

Baby Santa (Event)

Rabbit (Event)

Spooky skeleton (Event)

Black cat (Event)

Hellcat (Event)


  • Mini Vanguard
  • Puppadile
  • Vasa Minirio
  • Tektiny
  • Vespina
  • Olmlet

Rift Guardian (Runecrafting)

  • Air Rift Guardian Pet
  • Mind Rift Guardian Pet
  • Water Rift Guardian Pet
  • Earth Rift Guardian Pet
  • Fire Rift Guardian Pet
  • Body Rift Guardian Pet
  • Cosmic Rift Guardian Pet
  • Chaos Rift Guardian Pet
  • Nature Rift Guardian Pet
  • Law Rift Guardian Pet
  • Death Rift Guardian Pet
  • Blood Rift Guardian Pet
  • Soul Rift Guardian Pet

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