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Road to all pets :)

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Hey guys, this will be my road to all pets, started a little late but better late then never right! (Kinda stolen from @ryanheinz <3)


Abyssal Orphan

Pet Penance Queen



Kalphite Princess

Pet Smoke Devil

Pet Dark Core

Prince Black Dragon

Pet Snakeling (Magma/Red)

Pet Snakeling (Tanzanite/Blue)

Pet Snakeling (Normal/Green)

Pet Chaos Elemental

Callisto Cub

Scorpia's Offspring

Venenatis Spiderling

Vet'ion Jr (Orange)

Vet'ion Jr (Purple)

Baby Mole


Dagannoth Supreme

Dagannoth Prime

Dagannoth Rex

Pet Kree'arra

Pet General Graardor

Pet Commander Zilyana 

Pet Kril Tsutsaroth 


Baby Cow

Olmlet (Raids)

Tektiny (Raids)

Vasa (Raids)

Vespula (Raids)

Vanguard (Raids)

Muttadile (Raids)

Inferno Pet (Cba to find the name)

Baby Harambe

Secret formula (Krab pet)

Abyssal Demon


Bloodhound (Clues)

Tangleroot (Farming)

Squirrel (Agility)

Rift Guardian (Runecrafting)

Heron (Fishing)

Raccoon (Thieving)

Phoenix (Firemaking)

Beaver (Woodcutting)

Rock Golem (Mining)

Baby Chinchompa (Gold)

Baby Chinchompa (Black)

Baby Chinshompa (Grey)

Baby Chinchompa (Red)

Guard Dog

Wolf Whistle

Ogre Tooth





Current Pet Tab (oooo so beautiful) + More

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1 minute ago, Snickers said:

What the 10 zulrah pets?!?

Also ur missing all raids pets hahaha...

All diffrent rift guardians ...

And that should be gray chin instead of brown

Will put them up as I get them 🙂 and I’m colorblind, don’t bully me

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Received 4 new pets

- Received a Tektiny

-Received a Bloodhound

-I do not count event pets but i received a Black cat and Hellcat from the Halloween event

-Added remaining raid pets (not the actual names of the pets but the boss you get it from)


~Currently working on raid pets whenever anybody raids, aswell as doing a few duo raids with myself

~Been doing some Vet'tion one the side as well

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