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Pet Box Items

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Pet boxes are purchased from the donator shop for 150 credits and pictured below are the contents for them.






Pet Hellpuppy

Pet Beaver

Pet Kalphite queen

Pet Thermonuclear smoke devil

Pet Dark core


Pet Zulrah snakelings (default, magma, tanzanite)

Pet Chaos elemental

Pet Kree (armadyl)

Pet Callisto

Pet Scorpia

Pet Venenatis spiderling

Pet Vet'ion (both colors)

Pet Mole

Pet Kraken

Pet Dagannoth supreme

Pet Dagannoth prime

Pet Bandos GWD

Pet Saradomin GWD

Pet Zamorak GWD

Pet Heron

Pet Chinchompas (4 colors)

Pet Jad

Pet Wolf (exclusive to pet box)

Pet Guard dog (exclusive to pet box)

Pet Cow

Pet Ogre (exclusive to pet box)

Pet Abyssal demon

Pet Penance queen

Pet Harambe

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