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187 // Road to 4400000K xp

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187's road to 4.4b xp

As most of you know, I've got an account named 187
My plan for this account is to get 200m in a skill (or set of linked skills) before being able to unlock the next skill

In this topic, I will be posting my progress including the items I obtain whilst getting the 200m xp

Once I have completed all non-combat skills, I'll move onto combat and grind 1k of each monster before moving to the next collecting every drop I get


Fishing and Cooking





Time taken: 45 Hours Playtime

Mystery boxes: 42 Mystery Boxes

Other: 1 Pet Heron & 19 Clue Bottles

Profit: TBC






Time taken: 25 Hours Playtime

Mystery boxes: 40 Mystery Boxes

Other: 2 Pet Raccoons & 4 Gloves of Silence

Profit: TBC


Farming and Herblore





Time taken: 62 Hours Playtime

Mystery boxes: 7 Mystery Boxes

Other: 1 Pet Tangleroot

Profit: TBC






Time taken: 28 Hours Playtime

Mystery boxes: 50 Mystery Boxes

Other: N/A

Profit: TBC






Time taken: 30 Hours Playtime

Mystery boxes: 18 Mystery Boxes

Other: 1,150 Marks of Grace

Profit: TBC






Time taken: 18 Hours Playtime

Mystery boxes: 0 Mystery Boxes

Other: Nature Rift Guardian (322 natures) & Body Rift Guardian (10,430 Bodies)

Profit: TBC


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14 minutes ago, Cjtigger said:

Goodluck on 4400000k experience fellow nerd 🤓 


I’ll beat you to 4400000k exp though 😎

Thank you, sir!

I'm currently contemplating jumping out of a helicopter without a parachute due to Herblore.

Once that's out of the way, it can only get better!

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Update: Pictures added. I'm currently at 200m farming and 75m herblore but not continuing until I get the right amount of herbs so I don't waste that precious dxp.

To be continued shortly!

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Update: It's finally done! I no longer have to spend any more time making pots!!!
Herblore was the skill I was dreading the most and I know that now I've done this, the rest will be a lot easier :)

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After not updating this for almost two months, here you go!

Achieved since last update; 200m crafting, agility and runecrafting


After not getting the Soul Rune Rift Guardian after 150k souls made, I went to the Nature altar and got the pet after crafting just 322 nature runes, mixed emotions!


I'm not 100% sure which skills I'm going to go for next, it's either mining/smithing or woodcutting/firemaking but we will see soon


I don't know if anyone actually reads this so now's the best time to admit I've been spying through Cj's webcam for the past 6 months, my favourite part is his Simpsons pyjamas

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On 10/20/2018 at 7:20 AM, Snickers said:

Whats next?


I’m currently working on wc and fm but they’re so tedious! Only 4 non combats after this though, not including slayer, so it shouldn’t be too much longer until I can pvm and actually enjoy myself again!

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I found doing fm best at varrock start in the middle of fountain all the way to romeo and juliet house takes exactly 2 invs but for that method bank command or banker is needed and use tele tab to get back to fountain quickly. I can lend pyro set too.

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