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WG reward store rework

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Decided to take up a challenge and change the weapon game reward store. Weapon game is really fun minigame to play but the rewards are meh rn.

For participating in the game you get 1000 points and winner gets 3000 points but the prices are pretty high on the shop and some new rewards should be replaced with the old ones.


Reduce the prices on following items: 

  1. Mystery box - it's 6000 points reduce it down to 1000/2000
  2. Crystal key - it's 2000 points reduce it down to 1000
  3. Golden key - it's 7000 points reduce it down to 3500
  4. Medium clue scroll - it's 4000 points reduce it down to 1000/1500
  5. Super potion set - it's 5000 points reduce it down to 2000?
  6. 25 super combat potions - right now 15000 POINTS! reduce it down to 3000
  7. Seed/herb/ore boxes/gem - they're 8000 points rn reduce it down to 4000
  8. 100 dragon darts - it's 3000 points reduce it down to 500 points


Ideas to be added to the store:

  1. Halos/guthix/saradomin/zamorak - 10000-20000 points each
  2. Noted 100-200 raw/cooked crabs - 2000 points
  3. Barrows gloves - 2000 points
  4. Fighter torso - 1500 points
  5. Flippers? - 5000 points
  6. Occult/torture/anguish ornament kits 10000 points each if possible
  7. Dragon defender (t)/dragon scimitar (or) - 7500 points
  8. Dragon boots - 5000 points
  9. Rune package(contains 1k of each elemental rune) - 2000 points?
  10. Pet Box (Also reworked to only give unique pets) - 25000 points?(ultimate reward to aim for)
  11. Hard clue scroll - 2000 points
  12. Full prayer books - 4000 points
  13. 100/200 prayer/super restore potions(good for ironmans) - 2000-3000 points
  14. Amulet of fury (or) - 9500 points (way for ironmans to get their amulet)
  15. Imbue scrolls - 9000 points each


Open for more suggestions and keep in mind, these are the prices I randomly set, it can be reworked 

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Existing shop prices were lowered

As far as new items, I think some of them should be obtained in their respective areas already, such as the imbue scroll/prayer scrolls, pet box, flippers.

Also keep in mind there are only 12 more slots open 😉

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