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What keeps you playing?

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I'm just wondering what everyone's favourite things about Draynor are?


For me, I look for servers that have enough players to keep the community active but not too much that it becomes filled with plebs

I enjoy the skilling grind on Draynor with it being a mixture of not being too easy and there being ways that aren't so boring and keeps you occupied

I love bossing and the rates are fair, there's not constant drops but you can get what you need with the dedication without wanting to kys (apart from Jane Doe and his Ironman tbow issues)

The people on the server are probably what keeps me here the most though, I've very rarely come across toxic players that I can't stand and I generally get on with everyone


There's so many vets that have been here for over a year and even people like Dad that has been here since release and I love that

So what is actually keeping you here? Let me know in the comments what you enjoy most about the server


Just to add, Cj is doing a huge giveaway when we hit 75+ online so every keep up with the voting (we're doing amazing rn) and get that player count up!


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The community 🙃 everything else is amazing (of course) but the players that make up Draynor, are truly unique. Everybody is so friendly and if anybody ever needs any help somebody is always there, it's beautiful and you can't find anything truly like it.

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The community is great, I agree with everyone else on that haha. But honestly, I like the ironman that i am. I like seeing my own accomplishments knowing theres 0 help from other people (items wise). Its a better feeling getting your own drops and watching yourself build a bank rather than just buying from someone else. There's no pride in that to me lol.

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