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Herblore Boost

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Currently farming and herblore are on a completely different level. If you were to use the herbs you get from farming to get 99 herblore, you would have to do more farming past 99. It's around every 13m herb exp you want, you'll need to do enough farming for 18m exp. On top of that farming also has the magic secateurs, while herblore has nothing. Giving herblore a general +25% boost would make things a little more even. 

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While I can get where you're coming from, being a HCIM, I personally don't think it's that big of a problem. When the skills aren't linked exp-wise it either requires you to do more training yourself, or find other ways of getting the herbs/items you need through for example pvm. For non-iron accounts it also creates a market where people who're willing to supply those herbs or whatever item it is are able to profit nicely off it.


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