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New trivia questions

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So the trivia questions we have now have been there for a while and in my opinion needs to be changed. I personally would like to see trivia questions be more about Draynor than runescape in general.

I will list down some of new trivia questions, feel free to add more in.


  • Q: How many donator ranks are there?
  • A: 5
  • Q: Where can you set pre-sets?
  • A: Frank
  • Q: Wich npc repairs broken barrow pieces?
  • A: Perdu
  • Q: Shops are located ... of home bank
  • A: North
  • Q: How many abyssal points does unsired cost?
  • A: 22000/22k
  • Q: Where is the chest located where you can open keys?
  • A: West of home bank
  • Q: How many various Boss teleports are there?
  • A: 21
  • Q: How many different kind of spirit shields are there?
  • A: 5
  • Q: How much hitpoints does corporeal beast have?
  • A: 2000/2k
  • Q: Zenyte shard is dropped by?
  • A: Demonic Gorillas
  • Q: How many warrior guild tokens you need to get to cyclobs room?
  • A: 100
  • Q: How many waves are in fight caves?
  • A: 15
  • Q: What wilderness level is wilderness barrows
  • A: 49
  • Q: What woodcutting level you need to cut redwood logs?
  • A: 90
  • Q: How many different achievements are there?
  • A: 76
  • Q: What agility level is needed to do ardougne rooftop course?
  • A: 90
  • Q: How many total prestiges to achieve completionist cape?
  • A: 110
  • Q: Who turns zamorak spear into hasta?
  • A: otto godblessed 
  • Q: How much gold does zahur take to clean per herb?
  • A: 10000/10k
  • Q: Where is the altar located where you can refill prayer and restore stats?
  • A: Home bank
  • Q: Whos in charge of the lottery?
  • A: king lathas
  • Q: How much does it cost to enter the lottery?
  • A: 2000000/2m
  • Q: Level 87 enchant is used for what kind of jewlery?
  • A: Onyx
  • Q: What hunter level is needed to kill black chinchompa?
  • A: 73
  • Q: What slayer level to kill cerberus?
  • A: 93
  • Q: how much gold you need to get into wilderness resource?
  • A: 7500/7.5k

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Great idea Margo, full support from me!
However, I don't necessarily think the old ones have to be removed unless there's a cap on the amount of questions we can have at a time.:smile:

I'll see if I can come up with some suggestions of my own and add them to my post later on.:happy:


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Very nice :smile: There's no limit on trivia questions, if you look at the faq's I posted you could also pick some from there since I made that thread based on the most common questions I see


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After reading it through again and coming to terms with the fact that all of my great ideas were already in there(:wink:) I spent longer than I'd like to admit thinking of some different ones.:tongue:

  • Q: How much do you need to donate for (insert level) donator status?
  • A: $10, $25, $50, $100, $200, $500
  • Q: What is the donator zone boss called?
  • A: Nezikchened
  • Q: Which item turns you into a bush/pile of coins?
  • A: Ring of nature/Ring of coins
  • Q: Which ingredient is needed to make extended antifire?
  • A: Lava scale shard
  • Q: What is the Zamorakian godwars boss called?
  • A: K'ril tsutsaroth (:tongue:)
  • Q: Which cape grants a 10% drop rate boost?
  • A: Completionist
  • Q: How many coins are needed to enter the lottery?
  • A: 2,000,000/2m
  • Q: Which item is used on a spirit shield to bless it?
  • A: Holy elixir
  • Q: Which rank do you win for being the person with the most votes in a month?
  • A: #1 voter
  • Q: How many players are needed to start the weapon game?
  • A: 3
  • Q: How much does white graceful boost agility exp by?
  • A: 75/75%
  • Q: What is the chance of receiving the Inferno pet?
  • A: 1/3
  • Q: How many hits does an abyssal tentancle last?
  • A: 10,000/10k
  • Q: How many scales are needed to make a Zul-andra totem?
  • A: 50,000/50k
  • Q: Which altar has a 50% chance of not using up bones when offered?
  • A: Chaos
  • Q: How many minutes of dragonfire protection do super antifires provide?
  • A: 12
  • Q: What is the chance of receiving an imbued heart when completing a hard slayer task?
  • A: 1/150
  • Q: Which items gives you a 50% chance to cook/craft to items at once?
  • A: Golden chef's hat/Golden apron
  • Q: How do I get my bonds after donating?
  • A: ::claimdonation

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21 hours ago, Mr Krabs said:

There's no limit on trivia questions, if you look at the faq's I posted you could also pick some from there since I made that thread based on the most common questions I see

Based on this I turned the FAQ page into trivia questions.:tongue:
Some of the questions in there weren't possible to rewrite to questions, but I think the list below will suffice.:wink:

  • Q: Which city teleport is closest to the fishing guild?
  • A: Ardougne
  • Q: Where can you buy elemental shields?
  • A: General store
  • Q: How many steps are clue scrolls?
  • A: 1/one
  • Q: Where is the vote store?
  • A: Home bank
  • Q: How many pest control points do Brawlers give when killed?
  • A: 5
  • Q: What is pos an abbreviation for?
  • A: Player owned shop
  • Q: Where can I exchange mysterious emblems for points?
  • A: ::edge
  • Q: Where is the chest for crystal and gold keys located?
  • A: Home bank
  • Q: Which payment method can I donate with?
  • A: Paypal
  • Q: What is the wilderness barrows brothers drop rate?
  • A: 1/20
  • Q: Where are Abyssal spawns located?
  • A: Abyssal nexus
  • Q: How much slower is Hardcore mode compared to normal?
  • A: 3x
  • Q: Do you lose stats, prestiges, or prestige points when switching from hardcore to normal mode?
  • A: No
  • Q: Which donator status comes with a personal banker?
  • A: Legendary
  • Q: How do I see the drop table?
  • A: ::drops
  • Q: Where can I find the price guide?
  • A: ::thread 710
  • Q: Which command is used to change your password?
  • A: ::changepassword
  • Q: Which item is used to charge the toxic blowpipe?
  • A: Zulrah's scales
  • Q: How many prestige points do hardcore accounts get for prestiging?
  • A: 3
  • Q: How many slayer points does the task reset scroll cost?
  • A: 1250
  • Q: How much do cooking gauntlets boost cooking exp by?
  • A: 25%
  • Q: What do you get from donating items to the Well of goodwill?
  • A: dxp/double exp/double experience
  • Q: How much does the Completionist cape boost drop rates by?
  • A: 10%
  • Q: Which ring acts as an infinite ring of recoil?
  • A: Ring of suffering
  • Q: Which donator status unlocks a command to recharge prayer?
  • A: Extreme
  • Q: Where can I find all slayer creature locations?
  • A: ::thread 724
  • Q: How many Lava dragons are found in the donator zone?
  • A: 4
  • Q: Where can you recharge amulets of glory?
  • A: Fountain of rune
  • Q: Which store sells the dwarven multicannon?
  • A: Vote
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