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Solo Raids

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Not really sure if this is even possible, but it's just a little thought I had about raids.


In my opinion, the biggest problems with raids right now are that the server can only run one raid at a time, and that solo raids is pretty pointless. This is just a little thought to make the problems a little better.


Copy the raids rooms and place them on a different empty spot on the map. Not sure if it's possible to do but I would think it's pretty easy to do. All that needs to be done is to change the locations clicking on the rooms would spawn you. This would kind of be like putting in raids into the server with all the stuff already coded, all that's left to do is add a location for it and set teleport locations for each door.


Alongside making a copy of raids, this copy would be for solos only. This doesn't really fix the problem of one raid at a time, but this way we could have someone doing a solo raid and have other people doing a group raid. Meaning 2 raids can be done at the same time, but one of them is only for solo raids.


Making this new copy of raids into a solo only could also leave room to change the bosses for this solo only mode. Instead of putting the same copy of the bosses into the new copied over raids, we could have the bosses copied and renamed to "*Boss Name* (Solo)". Then what can be done to these bosses is change their stats to make it more solo friendly. I think that this should mean lower Hitpoints levels, but increased damage. This would make solo raids faster and less AFK. In case you didn't know all bosses in raids have predictable attack styles like jad. With increased damage, this would encourage players to pay attention and switch prayers when needed.

 As for Olm, I'm not completely sure. Olm is just too OP when you solo and the only solution I have to make Olm easier for this solo only mode, would be to just remove the agro on the head. If only the claws attack you when you first start, I feel like Olm would be possible to solo without dying.


As for the rewards of this solo only mode, I feel like it is only fair to keep the drops the same with the exception of tokens. Since any and all drops would go to whoever is doing the raid, I feel like the bonus of the tokens shouldn't be given for this mode.


If this is something that gets put into the game, I'd be happy to test it out before it's put into the game to check times and difficulty. I really just want a better option for soloing raids 😛


To summarize my suggestion. It is basically copying and pasting everything in raids and putting the copy in a new location on the map to allow for a solo only mode and at least 2 raids to be able to go on at once.


Let me know what you guys think, or even if this is possible. I'm not a coder so I wouldn't know, but I think it's possible to copy and paste raids and just rename some stuff to make it different to the server. This is just something I thought about, and I feel like I might as well share the idea just to bring the idea to attention.


Oh and just a general raids suggestion, maybe add a send to bank chest at the Olm waiting room. This way you could use an item to help you get to Olm but then not have to waste inventory space by having it with you in the boss fight, OSRS has something similar.

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I think adding multiple raid instances/locations is a great idea, and I fully support that. Also based on this quote from Krabs it seems like it's in progress.

On 6/15/2018 at 1:03 AM, Mr Krabs said:

When multiple raids can happen at the same time I will add this but until then it causes too many issues under the current system as mentioned above

I'm not sure I'd support specific solo-only raids, though. One of the reasons I like raids is because you have to work together and rely on your team mates in order to succeed.

If you choose to do a raid on your own, which is still entirely possible, you also accept that it'll both take longer and be more challenging, Great Olm included. If a solo option were to be included which would be down-scaled one of the few multiplayer activities we have left would be removed and I think that'd be a shame.

All in all I am completely in favor of having more raids going on at once, though! :smile:


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I would like to see solo raids as a possiblity in the near future, waiting on players to finish their raid can be frustrating. maybe making more than one location for raids to be started at ? and copying the instance to another location for a different start point?

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