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Mr Krabs

Server Updates 5/1/18 - 5/30/18

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-Fixed problems with new anims, maps, etc so loading the latest osrs data again. (Cache update not out just yet though) Vorkath will take time but it is definitely doable now! Also have to fix a lot of things since osrs changed maps, such as slayer stronghold they completely redid so I have to move all the npcs again and change the teles etc





-Bug fixes regarding cannon

-Cannons for ultimate donators do not require cannon ball ammo, and will fire 60 rounds before needing to be clicked again.

-Olm claws, vanguards, battle mages now have a higher respawn time to prevent them from respawning during a slow raid.

-Little vote announcer when someone has redeemed all of their vote rewards to remind players



-New client available for download - allows you to shift-click items to drop them



-Dwarf cannon added for 150 vote points. Just a reminder the top voter for the month receives a $10 bond and #1 voter title! Even if you don't win, PLEASE try to vote as often as you can remember as its crucial for ranking higher on toplists!
-Note: If you log out without picking up your cannon, you may retrieve the parts with the Dwarf at home near the well of goodwill and master farmer for free.
-Cannonballs in ranging store, and misc store for irons. Might add cannonball smithing down the road but looking at the big picture right now.
-Amulet of anguish range strength bonus added (+5)
-You can now unnote items on bank booths
-3rd age longsword attack requirement fixed
-Fixed dwarven rock cake not hitting through melee prayer
-Fixed Fremennik blade animation and attack level requirement
-Added spellbook altar to donator zone
-Very minor, but changed the message for checking slayer task slightly to make it look a little nicer.
-Minions at GWD now have a chance of dropping the weapons/armor again, albeit at a much harder rate than before.
-Zammy minions: nowdrop zamorakian spear
-Bandos minions: now drop bandos tassets, bandos chestplate, were already dropping bandos boots
-Saradomin minions: were already dropping saradomin sword
-Armadyl minions: now drop armadyl helmet, armadyl chestplate, armadyl chainskirt

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