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Penance Queen Guide

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The penance queen is A boss that uses two of the three combat styles range and melee and can hit 30+ with each different attack style.

With this method I am providing you with in this guide you will wanna pray  (Eagle Eye) 31508pl.jpg


You will not be using any food only prayer potions and range potions since you will be safespotting




The gear you will want to use should be any range setup pretty much whatever you've available best bolts to use are ruby (e)'s just make sure to bring food if you use them on the penance queen it's very away from keyboard if you wanna chill and relax, here's A few example's of what I used and tested.


k3rl3o.jpg 2ihb0va.jpg




Penance queens location & how to get there:

















(Official drop rates of the rare and very rare item categories)


8zfxc9.jpgPenance Queen Pet | 1:1000
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I used full arma with helm + 3a bow with rune arrows worked great there, dragon arrows are abit better with 3a bow but they make u go invisible and in my opinion this boss isnt worth killing with bp or d arrows, cj also told he used seercull there and that worked.

Theres also robin hood hat for range bonus.


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