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Official Raid drop rates.

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Drop rates:

• 1-9 players 1:5 chance

• 10-19 players 1:6 chance

• 20+ players 1:7 chance


Only 1 player has chance to hit rare table!


Dieing in raids reduces droprates!


Example: 8 player raid has original drop rate of 1 in 5, if someone dies in that raid run it becomes 1 in 6, if another death occurs in same raid run drop rate becomes 1 in 7 and so on. 


Drop rates reset back to original state after raid is completed.


Raid token drop rates:


•2 tokens 100% chance

•2-5 Raid tokens = 1/2 chance

•8-15 Raid tokens = 1/6 chance

•19-30 Raid tokens = 1/15 chance


Raid rare drops:

•Ancestral hat

•Ancestral top

•Ancestral legs

•Kodai wand

•Dragon sword

•Dragon claws

•Twisted buckler

•Twisted bow

•Elder maul

•Dihns bulwark

•Dragon harpoon

•Great Olm pet

•Arcane prayer scroll/Augury

•Dexterous prayer scroll/Rigour

•Torn prayer scroll/Preserve


Gilded totem in raid shop doesnt include twisted bow, prayer scrolls, dragon sword and dragon claws.


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