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Mr Krabs

Server Updates 3/1/18 - 3/31/18

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-Ice demon's defense nerfed to be in line with the other raid bosses 



-Players will now have two rolls on Zulrah's drop table, effectively doubling the chance of a rare drop.

-Testing unnoting items on bank booths for any bugs, will be available for all soon.

-Anglerfish now uses the correct formula for healing, allowing you to heal up to 121 hitpoints.




-Corporeal beast drop rates were made easier a few days ago

-Mutagens, magma blowpipe, magma helm, tanz helm are now all tradeable

-Dragon boots drop rate from 1/150 now to 1/130

-Ahrim's staff is now one-handed and has a 5% magic damage boost effective next restart



-Presets are now in!


  • Very helpful for saving loadouts for pking, bosses, raids, skilling, etc :smile:
  • Shoutout to @Elseve for doing the majority of the work on it
  • Speak to Frank at the home bank to manage your presets (equip/edit/save them)
  • Your presets will be saved on logout and can be edited at any time
  • You can save two presets (it will save your current inventory as well as any worn equipment)
  • Ultimate donators will receive an additional preset slot, and platinum donators will receive an additional two preset slots




-You will no longer be able to teleport into a runecrafting abyss you do not meet the requirements for (this will save a trip if you try going to the blood rune altar but lack the level to craft them).

-Added bank booth at the soul altar as there is no return portal

-Corrected ballista animation and dragonstone cutting animation

-Updated food/potion store

  • The idea behind not having some potions in the shop was to create a market for them, however realistically that never worked and just put off a lot of new players. I guess it went a little too far into being like osrs or too "ironmany" for non irons. Iron men will still have to make their own potions however.
  • Attack, strength, defence potions have been upgraded to super.
  • Added range potions, regular antifires, prayer potions, super restores, saradomin brews, and sea turtles.
  • They will come at a small cost still so at least it takes a little bit of gold out of the game each time, especially if you try to use the super sets to make super combat potions to train herblore. Also people who pk will want potions easily accessible to spend more time in the wilderness and less time getting supplies.
  • Sea turtles, anglerfish, and dark crab (all cooked) have had their sell to shop price raised as well
  • If you want the benefit of extended antifires/super antipoision you will still have to make those though.



New client updates again, please redownload for them:

-Raid prayers are now included in the quick prayer interface. Spending some time to try and become more familiar with the client/interfaces as that holds back some of the updates I want to do such as UIM, HCIM, bank space, rune pouch, looting pouch etc.

-Fixed rigour+augury being used with steel skin prayers

-You can now disable the bounty target interface when inside the wilderness through the client settings tab to display only the wilderness level you are in

-Teleblock timers have been corrected to the full 5 minutes

-Xmas imp suit is back in (hardcoded as jagex removed them from cache), couldn't get the baby santa back :(




-Client/Cache Update (not force updated, but highly recommended to redownload and use the newer version)

  • You can now press ESC key to get out of interfaces
  • You can now press the spacebar to skip through npc dialogue
  • You can now select dialogue options by pressing 1-5. This is very useful in navigating with spellbook teleports as you can memorize dialogue number combinations to teleport much faster.
  • Examining herbs and unfinished potions will now tell you the required herblore level to clean them and the required ingredients and what they make.
  • Added new items and npcs to client, will be working on making them obtainable in-game
  • Misc fixes

-Server Update

  • Runecrafting
    • Clicking the portal at runecrafting altars will now teleport you back to the abyss.
    • There is now a bank booth inside the abyss as well, next to the teleport location. 
    • Qol: You now teleport a little more north than before to shorten the trip to specific rifts, it adds up
    • There is now a bank booth at the start of the blood altar trail as there is no portal there.
  • Inferno pet is now a 1/3 chance
  • It will now be globally announced when a player receives a skilling pet

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On 3/4/2018 at 6:43 AM, matias said:

good job. I also love the new textures of baby santa




@Mr Krabs @Elseve


On 3/4/2018 at 7:05 AM, Matrix said:

Same thing is with snow imp costume pieces: legs, tail, gloves and maybe? top ?

We are up to date now with OSRS items and npcs so it seems they removed the christmas items/npc data. I'll see if I can hardcode the baby santa+xmas items back in as a custom. They also changed the npcs and items for the mage arena 2 quest instead of the 3 types of hearts and 3 colored demons.

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