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In Depth Ironman Startup Guide - By Horizon

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As many of you know Draynor is home to alot of Ironmen these days, and people steadily keeps joining, some people is not used to the ironman scene and knowing what to do at times can be challenging.

This will be a short but informative guide on how you can start your Ironman effeciently and start bossing ASAP.


You log in, all you have is your Ironman armour and some bronze items, what to do?


Thieve by the stalls at home and sell the loot you receive to "Thieving master" located nearby, once you have about 200-300k you should be all set.


Walk inside the home bank and trade the "Ironman Supplier" and buy helm of neitznot, rock climbing boots, and monk robes.


(Optional) Trade the "Ironman Supplier" and buy some fishing equipment and get a little bit of food. (You cannot burn any food while cooking so always cook the highest fish possible)


Kill a few rock crabs and pick up the bones, once you hit 40 attack go buy yourself a rune pickaxe or rune axe from "Ironman Supplier" and keep going till you are about 60/60/55

If you didn't get enough experience for 43 prayer then i recommend you to kill a few green dragons, you can reach these through "PVP teleports"


Once you have 43 prayer you want to camp for a dragon scimitar, these can be dropped by a few different monsters, the main ones are Fire giants and Ankous.


Once you've successfully gotten yourself a Dragon scimitar go kill Steel/iron dragons for runite limbs.


After you have obtained Runite limbs you want to craft this into a Runite crossbow, you can do this by getting 73 Fletching, to get the fletching level required i advice you to do smithing and purely smith dart tips and add the feathers onto them inside the wilderness resource area(this gives 1,5X experience) while getting 73 fletching you also want to get 73 smithing for making Adamantite bolts. 


Once these two levels are finished you will have to get your crafting up, this can be done in 2 ways, either you buy a gem box from the voting store(4 pts), or you get 50 thieving and thieve wall safes for gems(located in rogues den, Teleport to Warriors guild through minigame teleport and run to the den)


once you have a few rubies you will cut them into ruby bolt tips and add them onto your Addy bolts, these Enchanted ruby bolts is extremely good as the special effect drains 20% of the opponents current health, which you will notice is very good against the monsters in the next step.


After you have a reasonable amount of Ruby bolts you want to camp pest control for full range void, Full void set costs 120(180 for elite) and is very good for ironmen, Kill the brawlers located on the island until you have enough pts to buy void(i recommend buying elite, also get yourself a melee helm while you're at it) These monsters will reward you with 5 points each.


Next you want to grind out Herblore, for this step i recommend you go kill "Lizardman shamans" with the new gear you've aqcuired, Range them with your bolts( if u run out of prayer just teleport home and use the altar and repeat) These monster drops a huge amount of herb seeds and can be used onto farming.

When you have enough seeds you can start farming, try to farm until have high enough level for Dwarf weed (79), and make them into potions, once you have Ranging potions you will most likely have a few prayer pots or Super restores aswell.


Continue fishing for some high leveled food like Monkfish/Sharks and you will be able to start pvming (alot of bosses are weak to range and is probably the most effective way to pvm)







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