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Mr Krabs

Server Updates 12/1/17 - 12/31/17

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-You will now be notified when your DXP is going to run out soon (reminder at 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, ran out).

-Fixed zulrah cloud issues

-Abyssal tentacle update

  • Will now poison npcs (poisoned abyssal/dragon dagger)
  • Can now right click "check" to see how many hits you have left before degradation (everyone who had a whip already starts with a full fresh 10k hits remaining)
  • Lasts 10,000 hits and then degrades back to a kraken tentacle
  • May be dissolved at any time into kraken tentacle (you don't get the abyssal whip back)

-Serpentine helmet update

  • Will now require scales to use the charged version, 11k scales = 22500 hits (15 hours of combat)
  • It will venom npcs, starting at 6 and going all the way up to 20 damage
  • If an npc is immune to venom, they will be poisoned instead and capped at 6 damage.
  • 1 in 6 chance (16.7%) if using a non-poisoned melee weapon.
  • 1 in 2 chance (50%) if using poisoned weapons or ammunition (excluding Emerald bolts (e))
  • 100% chance if using the toxic blowpipe or toxic staff of the dead
  • These npcs are immune to poison
    • Chaos Elemental
      Dagannoth Prime
      Dagannoth Rex
      Dagannoth Supreme
      Demonic gorilla
      Giant Mole
      Kalphite Queen
  • These npcs are immune to poison & venom
    • Abyssal Monarch
      Commander Zilyana
      Corporeal Beast
      General Graardor
      K'ril Tsutsaroth
      Mithril dragons
      Lizardman shaman
      Smoke devil
      Thermonuclear smoke devil



-Zulrah update

  • Spawns gas clouds which deal damage every tick if you stand in them
  • Improved melee phase - you now need to dodge his attack or you will get hit through melee prayer and be stunned
  • OSRS rotations



-Christmas event added! It will be here until January 1, 11:59PM eastern standard time.

  • Baby santa pet 1\1k drop rate from the coal miners
  • Exchange bag of coal drop to santa for random xmas reward (1/100 rate)
  • Santa will also give you 5m, 1 mystery box, and a golden key for every bag of coal turned in





-Fixed blood spells healing based on your last damage dealt rather than the current cast's damage

-Fixed the DWH special attack issue and corrected its animation and gfx.



-Fixed pets being able to be used as a safespot

-Client now compatible with java 9 - users who had java 9 were unable to right click (please redownload for latest version if this affected you)

-Combat improvements/corrections

  • Dark bow special usage corrected to 55%
  • Void melee/range corrected to 10% accuracy and 10% damage boost, void magic 45% accuracy boost
  • Various prayers corrected
  • Abyssal whip special attack now has a 25% accuracy boost
  • Fixed dharok accuracy
  • Abyssal dagger damage multiplier corrected to 0.85
  • Abyssal/dragon daggers corrected to 1.25x special accuracy boost
  • Verac's set now works properly in PvP
  • Dragon & Crystal halberd special now give 10% damage and -25% accuracy
  • Dragon mace special damage boost to 1.5x
  • Dragons will now attack with their range/magic/breath from a distance



-You will now be able to select how many votes you would like to redeem per command

  • Examples:
  • ::reward 2 will give you 1x vote ticket
  • ::reward 2 10 will give you 10 vote tickets (provided you have that many to claim)
  • ::reward 2 all will use all your points in one go, so if you had 57 unredeemed votes, it would redeem all 57 with one command.

-Dragon claws will now show all 4 hits on special attack.

-Dragon warhammer special now works 100%

  • Lowering the target's current Defense level by 30% on a hit other than zero (the hit has to deal damage - even if it is a successful hit but rolls a zero, it does not work).
  • Defense level reductions do stack over multiple successful hits; each reduction is calculated from the current temporary level (so follow-up drains reduce fewer levels). Two successful special attacks thus reduce an opponent's Defense by a total of 51%.

-Bandos godsword special attack only drains 50% now, from 65%.



-The chaos altar in the deep wilderness (near chaos fanatic) will now give a 50% chance of not using up bones when used on altar. There is also a monk that will unnote your bones for 500gp each.

-Arrows will now spawn under you when attacking cave krakens, as they were unreachable when spawned on the water.

-Extended antifires not working after wearing off has been fixed.

-Cerberus issues should be fixed now, if your kc is no longer accurate (as the npc name changed) I can update it manually for you per request.

-Fixed raid message announcing time of completion when the raid was ended due to 0 players remaining.

-Raids will now only require 1 player to start.

-Raids will now have chance of giving tokens on completion 

  • 2-5 Raid tokens = 1/2 chance
  • 8-15 Raid tokens = 1/6 chance
  • 19-30 Raid tokens = 1/15 chance

-Added a raid store containing prayer scrolls, twisted buckler, and a gilded totem which will give a random rare raid drop (excluding twisted bow and scrolls) using the above tokens as currency. The gilded totem drop table does not have the two most unwanted drops (dragon claws, dragon sword).




-Bandos will now use his melee attack more than range so it should be a little more doable now.



-Skilling outfits (lumberjack, prospector, angler) drops have been moved from 'uncommon' to 'common' drop table.

-Agility objects will now work smoothly (no more running up to object first and then clicking)

-GWD boss doors will no longer let you out, as players were abusing it to walk in and out to kill the boss without taking damage. The altar can now be used to teleport directly outside of the room.

-Fixed gwd boss room npcs locking onto people outside the room



-Zulrah base drop scales changed from 100-600 to 100-300, uncommon changed from 100-1000 to 500 always.

-Twisted bow now effective on K'ril Tsutsaroth

-You will now be able to teleport at 20 wilderness, before it was excluded.

-Orphan pet from monarch will now announce when dropped.



-Boosted stats drain once every minute rather than every 45 seconds now. Preserve prayer has been adjusted accordingly as well, lasting 1.5 minutes.

-Fixed mystic mud staff not counting for water runes

-Crystal/gold key chest will now be walked up to when clicked. The object was facing the wrong way so the pathing had no way to get to it and therefore you had to walk in front of the chest yourself to open it.


-Kq head now shows on server yell. If there are any other rare drops you think are worthy of being broadcasted, please let me know.
-Tekton mage defense lowered
-Fixed ability to spam click smithing/smelting interface to do the tasks faster.
-Firemaking mystery box rewards now go to your bank instead of inventory, helpful if you are in the wilderness resource for example.
-Fixed being able to fish from far away and noting with piles while doing skilling actions and opening the piles menu from other dialogues.
-Fixed achievements that were not counted as "completed" for ones such as noting with piles.
-Rock golem, tree spirit, river troll will now stop your skilling task then they spawn.
-Lumberjack set now gives 2.5% woodcutting XP bonus

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