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Drop Rate Boosts, Skilling Perks/XP Multipliers

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Skilling Perks & XP Multiplers

Golden hammer- x2 multiplier for smithing skill.

Gloves of silence- x2 multiplier for home stalls, x1.5 multiplier for rogues den wall safes.

Cooking gloves- x1.25 multiplier for cooking skill.

Magic secateurs - 15% farming exp boost

Golden apron- 50% chance to cut 2 gems/ craft hides at once.

Goldsmith gauntlets- 50% chance to smelt 2 bars at once.

Golden chef hat- 50% chance to cook 2 food at once.

Mining skillcape - Player will mine until full inventory (no tired arms)

Thieving skillcape -  100% pickpocket success rate

Pyromancer set- 20% xp boost per log burned. (only active with full set)

Graceful set (except for white set) - 15% xp boost per agility action. (only active with full set)

White Graceful set- 75% xp boost per agility action. (only active with full set)

Prospector set- 10% xp boost per ore mined. (only active with full set)

Angler outfit- 10% xp boost per fish catched. (only active with full set)

Lumberjack set- 10% xp boost per log. (Only active with full set)

Wilderness chaos altar- 50% chance to not use up bone used on altar.

Wilderness resource- x1.5 multiplier to all skills trained there.


Drop Rate Boosts - Only applies to items found on ::drops. This excludes raids, barrows chest/wilderness barrows, clue scrolls (with exception of clue hunter outfit), raid pets, totems, mystery boxes, crystal keys, and golden keys.

hardcore.pngHardcore  - 5%

User CrownDonator - 5%

Super.png Super Donator - 7.5%

Extreme.png Extreme Donator - 10%

Legendary.png Legendary Donator - 12.5%

Ultimate.png Ultimate Donator -20%

plat.png Platinum Donator -25%

 Fn22g7H.png Ring of wealth - 2.5%          

jdw7KQF.png Ring of wealth (i) - 7.5%

 2y6V7Qb.png Max cape: 5%

txdiMPT.pngCompetionist cape: 10%

Helm of raedwald Full clue hunter outfit - 3x chance of rare item from clue caskets



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