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Mr Krabs

Server Updates 9/1/17-9/30/17

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-Next client update will have fixed roofs for camelot roof top course, as well as texture for infernal max cape.

-Added extended-antifires. Created by using antifire(4) with lava scale shards. Lava scales are obtained by grinding lava scales and will result in 3-6 shards per scale. 84 herblore requirement.




-Edited some trivia questions and added a few new ones.



-Wyverns corrected to OSRS stats and use their dragon breath.

-Vote page now features a vote goal for the month



-Increased Olm's range to stop the "flinching" solo tactic where you can take no damage.

-Fixed armadyl room npcs hitting with melee outside the normal melee range, should be easier to kill now in general.

-You can no longer bring pets inside the tzhaar caves.

-Slayer partner range has been increased to 50 tiles to accommodate for large areas such as the brimhaven dungeon dragon tasks.

-Fixed all robe tops that were not classified as full plate bodies which resulted in a graphical glitch.



         Vote page

  • Vote page now shows total votes for the month
  • Top 5 voters for the month are now listed
  • You can also look up players to view their vote statistics.
  • You no longer have to re-enter your username to view your updated timers and number of vote points left to claim.



-Vote sites are now 12 hours each, with Top100 being corrected to 24 hours soon.



-Added ring of gods(i), able to be made using imbue scroll on regular version.

-Replaced achievements : cast 350 vengeance and die 50 times with Complete the Inferno and Complete 50 duo-slayer tasks

-Added duo slayer

  • Condition: Both players need to have no current task
  • Have one player talk to vannaka and set you as their partner. You will get an option to accept or decline the invite.
  • Once you have accepted the invitation, either player may ask the slayer master and he will assign both of you the same task.
  • You will only be assigned tasks that you both have the slayer level for.
  • Slayer XP per kill is halved, but you also get the other half of the XP when your partner kills them as well.
  • Task completion
    • Half the slayer points
    • 1.5x the normal finishing Slayer XP bonus
    • 1.5x cash reward compared to completing a solo task - 187.5k for easy, 375k medium, 525k hard, 1.125m boss task.
  • Resetting slayer tasks will remove your slayer partner, including if you use a task reset form to get a new task.
  • Logging out will also remove your partner.

-Blood spells now heal 1/4 of your last hit provided the damage was 4+

-Doubled magic accuracy against NPCS

-Infernal max cape can now be made using infernal cape with max cape, however it does not have textures until the next client update.



-Inferno game released

  • All 69 waves as per OSRS wiki
  • 1 time fee of a fire cape for unlimited access
  • 1/20 chance of receiving pet on completion
  • It saves your progress so if you get disconnected you won't have to start back at wave 1. When you log back in it will give you a few seconds and then resume the wave.
  • Cannot use ::recharge inside
  • Blobs will split into their 3 versions of the combat triangle
  • The 2nd to last wave are 3 jads
  • The final boss has a max hit of 49 and uses both ranged and magic attacks.
  • Twisted bow works on
    • TzKal-Zuk
    • JalTok-Jad
    • Jal-Zek



-Fixed being able to craft/fletch without using the proper items on each other



-Magma blowpipe added to client, will try and add it server sided soon.



-Ignore list now works for yell

-Staff members can not be ignored now as we need to be able to give warnings etc on official accounts.

-Skotizo pet added.

-Input fields now work on resizeable/fullscreen mode, ex: the drop table interface, account pins, etc.

-Please redownload the client at the top where it says "Play now" to enjoy the above updates.




-Cerberus is now safe on death.

-Ignore list now works for clan chat as well.

-Fixed an issue with IP-mute.

-DXP seconds will not go down during DXP weekends.

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2 minutes ago, Mr Krabs said:


-Cerberus is now safe on death.

-Ignore list now works for clan chat as well.

-Fixed an issue with IP-mute.

-DXP seconds will not go down during DXP weekends.

Awesome updates! Thanks!!

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thats how your suppose to make it lol right? and i think after you die in inferno youd have to pay another firecape to that specific wave that you died at because it makes it harder for people that cant afford max mage and range gear to fully attempt it. you know for the low class players

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On 9/18/2017 at 10:38 AM, Cjtigger said:

Would be cool if it was obtained through using a magma mutagen on a blowpipe:P

That is how it works, I found the idea from a youtube video :kappa:

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