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Zach W

Zach W Helper Application

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Username: Zach 

Date joined: Feb. 9, 2017

Time zone: Central

Average hours played per day: Haven't been able to play a lot lately, but from now on my game-play will be on average 5-7 hours a night.

Do you have skype? Of course.


Have you read the entire staff application thread to see what we look for and the reasons your application may be denied? Indeed.

Have you broken any rules? If so, please explain. No.

What have you done within the community to make yourself stand out as a potential staff candidate? Anytime someone needs help, I am always fast to assist them with what they need.  I will soon be hosting events once every week, or more if people show up, that involve giveaways and gatherings to bring people together within the community.  I think I have made a good name for myself in this community for I don't believe I am on anyone's bad side, which I am grateful for.


Are you reliable in activity? If you are not, this is a major reason for an application to be denied. I have had my days and weeks where I was not active due to moving houses and getting a new job, but now that I am all settled into my new home I do not see an issue with my activity diminishing anytime soon.  I look forward to being on 5-7 hours a night on the weeknights and at-least 12+ hours online on the weekends, especially Sunday.


Anything else you would like to tell us: I would love to be a part of the Draynor Team and hang out with everyone again, I missed everybody :P


Thanks - Zach W.

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Zach, you have my support on your app,


Just would like to see you more in game :)

Granted I haven't been playing so much due to my internet acting up, but i'd also like to see you helping around more often :)


Best of luck man

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3 hours ago, Fog Walker said:

+1 from me is an active and help full player has good amount about the server and would love to see what he could do as staff.


49 minutes ago, titans said:


Thank you both for the kind words!  I hope I am a good candidate for the position and the community is acting like I am.  Thanks guys!!

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