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Mr Krabs

Please read before posting suggestions

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Hi everyone, just a few things I wanted to mention regarding suggestions. 


  • Please refrain from sending me suggestions in my forum inbox, skype, discord, or in-game. Having so many suggestions scattered all over the place makes it very hard for me to keep track of them all and quite frankly I forget them if they aren't easy to reference to like they are on the forums. It also saves me a lot of time (that I can use to actually implement them) because whenever I'm doing updates I go to this subforum and browse through the suggestions.
  • Please make sure that what you are suggesting has not already been suggested/declined before. There are a handful of threads that have already been previously suggested. Also, if you post suggestions frequently, consider bundling them into one post so that we only have to open 1 thread instead of 10 threads.
  • All suggestions are very much appreciated and are at the very least considered. We are fortunate to receive so many but they do take time to add so please do not feel sad if they are not implemented instantly.
  • Suggestions may not be added for various reasons.
    • The idea is deemed to be unbalanced/overpowered
    • The idea is controversial/unfair
    • The time required to do the suggestion would take far too long with little reward when there are other tasks at hand to address
    • The suggestion is not in the best interests of Draynor


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