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Hey guys thanks for popping in to read how this month went, today we also have @Tatskaaa as a special guest for an interview, hope you all enjoy.



Staff Updates

-Tatskaaa has been promoted to Administrator!
-Beer has been promoted to Community Manager!
-Sleds has been promoted to Server Support!

Introductions of July

-Sph has recently joined us and is settling in well!
-Melee hd is very much enjoying raids, best of luck on obtaining a great drop!
-Eric has settled in very well and is currently making great videos and streams already obtaining the youtuber rank for his dedication!
-Yum Noodles is all about respect and having great luck at obtaining pets, nice Kalphite pet man!
-Hercules is making great progress on his ironman, definitely off to a great start!
-2sic has been doing extremely well on his main and ironman, already maxing on both and going for comp on his iron, great job!
-Benn has been loving his pvm, already building a nice bank for a fresh player, nice one man!
-Rangers loves his gaming and has made insane progress bank wise for how recent he is!
-Trillionare has been doing a lot of streams and is well known in the community after only being here for a short time!
-Cjtigger has decided to join us again!
-Beer has decided to join us again after an extremely long time and is doing a great job as community manager once again!
-Zach W has also decided to join us again and it's been great seeing older players coming back! 


New veterans as of July

Dad (Kuck Featon)

External Use


Community video of the month



Interview with special guest; Tatskaaa

What do you do for a living?
at the moment nothing having some time off work.

How did you come across Draynor?
Spotted from runelocus back in december.

What would be your favourite update to see happen in Draynor?
Infernal cape, Can't wait for it!

What is your favourite football team?
More of an icehockey fan myself.

Bugatti or Lamborghini?
Bugatti Veyron is goals.

A$AP Rocky or Drake?

Lil Yachty or Lil Uzi Vert?

Coke or Fanta?
Hard one lol. Coke is okay but fanta saves me from hangovers. So both

What do you prefer to be called, nickname wise?
Tats/Tatskaaa, obviously :D

Where has been the favourite place you have travelled?


-Cheers for reading guys, hope you all had a great month and many more to come.





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Nice newsletter, simple and to the point. Good job on achieving the Veteran rank, Dad and External!
I also really like the interview, that should definitely be a Draynor Monthly stable from now on.:smile:

Edited by Aeon

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