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Mr Krabs

Updates 7/1/17 - 8/1/17

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I would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately and thank you all for your patience. I needed a little break as I had become burnt out from having so many roles in up keeping the server and I am going to try and spread some of those responsibilities to the rest of the staff team to help make it more manageable for everyone. I am going to be focusing on making content more useful as well as more engaging so that players are paying more attention to the screen when grinding skills and npcs. I'm sure this will help improve the community interaction and make the server seem more active in general as more people talk to each other to entertain themselves during these tasks.



-Wild Krab added as a boss task.

-Added 85 combat level requirement to receive boss tasks from Neive and boss task reset form.

-Quality of life update for player shops, including a back button which will make it much less painful to check everyones shop. (coming in client/cache update)




-Golden hammer shop price now 10m to protect over ores etc when in wilderness resource.

-Although not many were affected, being unable to see trivia questions has been fixed.

-Mac will now sell max capes to players with 22+ prestige regardless of your current stats.

-Boosted magic accuracy in PvP situations

-Next client/cache update will have:

be0b84f619fe48ec529f5fdca39d6354.gif Scrolls are tradable and already obtainable in raids 

image.png.ab6dc2ef33b4edc07a81b0cfbc18ae19.png Already dropped by Wild Krab, will show correct name as shown in the picture instead of its combat level

4689c5e5cd8f1cbff386441857e34206.gif(infernal cape - trying to figure out the texturing still as its not like osrs at the moment)



-Added Wild Krab wilderness boss - located just west of the mage bank. It drops various skilling supplies, similar to the inadequacy, as well as elite armors and pyromancer. When wearing the full pyromancer set, you will receive a 20% firemaking XP boost for each log burned.

-Prevented multiple zulrah/cerberus's from spawning when spamclicking the teleport.

-Increased transforming speed of sheared sheep & shearing delay.

-Updated Donator store (mainly behind the scenes impact)

  • Completely recoded back-end.
  • Completely remastered CSS.
  • More secure using password hashing and improved sanitization.
  • Design is now mobile friendly!

-Added prayer & spellbook altar to magic bank.

-Added woodcutting random event - tree spirit, drops woodcutting tome on death and pieces of lumberjack outfit (cosmetic).

-Added mining random event - rock golem, drops mining tome on death.

-Added fishing random event - river troll, drops fishing tome on death.

-Added evil chicken random event (applies to any skill) - drops pieces of the chicken outfit (cosmetic).

-Remember you can simply teleport/run away to despawn the event, you aren't forced to kill it.

-Infernal axe properly coded as a weapon. Please let me know if any other weapons do not have their stats, correct attack animations, etc.

-Fixed multi-cast spells using extra runes when hitting additional targets. Ex: barraging 5 npcs at once = 5x runes cost





-Longrange now gives defense xp as it should. Previously the only way to get defense xp while ranging was setting your fists to block, and that would make you get defense xp in all 3 attack styles (accurate, rapid, longrange).

-Shoutbox added to forums

-Updated forum theme



-Fixed amulet of glory(5) turning into combat bracelet. It will now turn into a glory(4) as it should.

-Corrected typo in slayer helmet creations.

-Bolts (unf) are now smithable and have been removed from the iron shop. Also fixed a few items that did not have the proper smithing level requirement.



-Added purple slayer helmet(i), dark claw dropped by skotizo and combined with imbued helmet to create. It also has the functional boosts on slayer tasks and operating to view kill logs.

-Herb patch at donator zone now functional



-Working on some more client updates :smile:

-Corrected thieving raccoon pet to "rocky"



-Cache updated as mentioned below, fixes fire max cape texture and adds new data such as infernal cape, purple slayer helmet, etc. (not obtainable yet)

-::Discord command for quick invite to our discord

-Crier and musketeer hat tradeable as they should be.

-Corrected some pet drops that were not showing on rare drops yell.



-Added chinchompas to the donator zone.

-Added amulet of eternal glory, 1/1500 chance of receiving one when recharging glories on the fountain of rune.

-Fixed fire max cape textures,as well as the inferno cape and all of that new data. (will be in next client update)

-Added command for ::faq's



-Shadow sword high alch value was missing a 0 so it was 30m instead of 300m as it should be. This has now been corrected and there will no longer be any issues keeping it on death over something cheaper.



-Increased spawn time of sara, armadyl, and zamorak minions from 12 seconds to one minute. This allows for less minions attacking you while killing the boss.

-Fixed any incorrect animations with the above npcs.



-Removed some items from mystery boxes that should be acquired through their intended content and also tweaked some of the rarities of the listed items.

  • Fighter torso (deleted from crystal/gold keys as well)
  • Barrows gloves (deleted from crystal/gold keys as well)
  • Fighter hat (deleted from crystal/gold keys as well)
  • Fire cape (deleted from crystal/gold keys as well)
  • Berserker/warriors/archers ring
  • Master wand
  • Clue caskets
  • Unstrung ballista
  • Monkey tail
  • Harambe pet
  • Zenyte shard
  • Crystal bow/shield (from golden key)

-Fixed an issue with the antibot putting you back on the regular spellbook if you were on ancients/lunar.

-Tridents can now be used on all 3 spell books as they should.

-Added chat notification when receiving a tooth/loop half of a key drop.

-The restriction on dropping valuable items has been lifted for untradable items. This included things such as pets, which were previously unable to be deployed while in combat.

-Fixed armadyl minions being safe spotted by blocking them behind kree.

-Cerberus now counts as a hellhound task.

-Added a little gold bonus for completing tasks, based on difficulty. 

  • Easy tasks - 150k
  • Medium tasks - 250k
  • Hard tasks - 350k
  • Boss tasks - 750k

-Removed a few useless items in slayer store as I want to improve the store.

  • Slayer respite
  • Zul-andra teleports
  • Ring of wealth
  • Slayer ring(8)
  • Penance skirt

-Made visage drop rate harder because currently they are pretty much worthless despite being second to an Elysian spirit shield.

-Blowpipe now requires zulrah scales to use, as it should.




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Absolutely amazing updates, so stoked right now!

This is great on so many levels, most importantly activity-wise! I'm so happy that more and more items are only obtainable via monster drops and clue scroll rewards, this will decrease the supply and hopefully encourage more people to actively hunt for these items.:smile:

Great job Krabs, thumbs up!

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Very nice man! Don't forget to edit the visage drop rate on the official drop rate thread if you haven't already :) 


Do you use scales as fast as you do in old school runescape or is it decreased?

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Speaking of fighter torso, barrows glovesfighter hatberserker/warriors/archers ring being removed from gold/platinum keys rewards as they're intended to be obtained via their respective activities, how about removing the Fire cape as well? Edit: This was added to the game but not the update thread, it is now.:smile:

OT: Really nice to read about the latest updates, infernal cape and chinchompas in the donator zone is sure to get most people excited.:wink:

Edited by Aeon

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Thanks for the chins in the DZ Krabs! Will definitely make my pet grind much easier :)


Infernal cape will be very cool, good work!


When it comes to other amulets being added I think  "amulet of the damned", Salve's + Salve's (e), and Xeric's amulet (cosmetics mostly?) would be cool to add as well!

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Really excited to see the Wildy Krab and Pyromancer set updates, amazing! Hopefully the Wildy Krab will work as an incentive to go to the wilderness for more people and revive it a little bit.:wink:

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mac selling max capes above 22 prestige is something i wanted, i needed placeholders

the prayers are also gonna be amazing. I cant wait. I wonder what the price will be like....

Edited by rangers

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