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Draynor Rank Explanation

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Draynor Staff

User CrownOwner

  • The owner and founder of Draynor. Main job revolves around keeping the website, forums and server up and running.


User CrownDeveloper

  •  Developers work alongside the owner coding new content for the game and reviewing bug reports.

forumsmod.pngWebsite Developer

  • Web Developers will work alongside the owner of the server, providing new content for the forum, keeping everything in order as well as handling bug reports.

[Image: GTkeAfX.png]Administrator

  • Administrators work closely with the owner to help manage the server. They oversee the rest of the staff team and assist the community in dealing with complex situations. Administrators are responsible for maintaining both the forums as well as the in-game server.

be5e1c0dd9.pngGlobal Moderator

  • Global Moderators have the Moderator rank both in-game and on the forums. These members of staff are responsible for moderating forum and in-game behavior as well as processing reports and appeals.

618d8153e6.pngForum Moderator

  • Forum Moderators are responsible for maintaining and moderating the forums. They do this through making sure that threads are posted in the correct sections, issuing warnings/infractions and keeping the environment safe.

[Image: svF8AIZ.png]In-game Moderator

  • In-game moderators are former in-game Supports who have been trusted with more responsibility. These members of Staff keep the in-game community safe by making sure that all rules are followed as well as issuing warnings and sanctions to rulebreakers. They also process in-game reports and appeals.

[Image: b2BGNFs.png]Server Support

  • Server Supports are active and experienced players who have extensive knowledge about the server and our community. Supports work alongside In-game Moderators by helping out players and keeping a clean in-game environment by issuing jails/mutes.


Draynor Community


c830027580.pngEx Staff

  • A staff member who’s chosen to resign after holding a staff position.



  • Veterans are dedicated players whose ingame accounts were created 6 months prior.


User CrownYouTuber

  • YouTubers are players who have met the requirements and created a variety of content for our community.

Iron.pngIron Man

  • This title is given to players who play on "Iron Man" mode.


  • This title is given to players who play on "Hardcore" mode.

Donator ranks 
User Crown Regular Donator Super.png Super Donator Extreme.png Extreme Donator Legendary.png Legendary Donator YfGgEqh.png Ultimate Donator plat.png Platinum Donator

  • Donators are members of the community who have generously donated a certain amount to keep our server up and running. These players receive certain benefits depending on their donator rank which you can read more about here. Click here to read more about Donator benefits. Click here if you wish to donate. Click here to receive your donator rank on the forum.
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The Owner

User Crown Owner

Staff ranks

Donator ranks

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