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Staff Updates
Cain has been promoted to Moderator! Good job Cain!
TheMac has resigned from Administrator and stays as forum mod! 
Sephy has been demoted due to inactivity. We hope you find time for us in the future!
Tatskaaa has been promoted to global moderator!

Xlewiss has been promoted to global moderator!
Beer is now more active as forum mod!
Introductions of May
-Error is the latest one to introduce himself to community. He already got 3a longsword on his 1st hard clue. Wow that rng!

-Aeon joined last sunday and already impressed most of staff with his dedication on forums! Keep an eye on this guy ;)

-Auburys introductions left us with expectations for his max grind! Go for it man.

-Galaxy sg joined to become youtuber.

-Goku joined in starting of june and havent been on much. Probably hitting the gym!

-Sleds joined in june aswell and has been very helpful ingame!

-Chubs joined the game aswell and has started some huge goals for himself in draynor!






Veteran ranks achieved so far!














Community Video of the Month
This one i will leave to peoples to vote! here channels for some vids made last month!

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU_EpL4-OjOjjS_a71ERlVA = @DarenRs

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFANPX4iyllOx6EvfnrZmPA = @Galaxy Sg

::thread 1227 for @Slayed vid!



If i miss anyones vids from last month please let me know so can add them here!


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This is a nice monthly addition to the forum, I think! It's nice being able to quickly get an overview of how things have been going and what's happened.
Perhaps in the future when more community-involving content and events are added this could also serve well as a place for a "What to expect" for the upcoming month.:smile:

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7 minutes ago, titans said:

im a vet ingame but not forums

I'll be on the same boat as you in a few months because I made my forums After a few weeks after I joined the server haha, but you gotta have made your forums account at least 6 months ago aswell as having 150 posts

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