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Draynor F.A.Q's

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Hey everyone, I thought I would make a little FAQ list of things I see players asking frequently when starting out. This list will continue to grow as I think of more questions.


  1. Where is the fishing guild and is there a level requirement? No, simply go to your spellbook in city teleports and teleport to ardougne. Then just run north following the path and a tiny bit west and you should arrive.
  2. Where do I get an elemental shield? The elemental shield is sold in the general store.
  3. How many steps are clue scrolls? Clue scrolls are only one step. Hard clues will require you to kill a fairly strong agent unless you use melee prayer.
  4. How do raid drops work? Every player will receive 3 base drops on completion of the raid. Additionally, there is a chance that one player in the raid will receive a rare drop from the table (olm pet, ancestral robes, kodai, twisted bow, etc).
  5. Where is the vote store? The vote store is located in the home bank, it is a red voting booth.
  6. What are the brawlers at pest control for? You kill them for 5 pest control points each.
  7. How do I get a fighter torso? Kill any npcs at barbarian assault, they all have roughly the same drop rate on it.
  8. I just donated, how do I redeem it? Type ::claimdonation
  9. Is there duel arena or gambling? Currently there is not. I find that it does more harm than good for the server.
  10. Where are player owned shops? The bongo penguin in the pig pen at home.
  11. Do I have to tele after each Cerberus/zulrah kill? Yes, they are instanced bosses and must be teleported to kill again.
  12. What are mysterious emblems for? They can be exchanged for points at ::edge with the emblem trader.
  13. What do I need for raids? It is a safe activity. You will need 90+ range, hitpoints, defence, and your best ranging gear. (Ruby bolts (e) recommended, along with full void/armadyl). As well as melee for Olm's claws.
  14. What is a ecumenical key for? It can be used to enter a GWD boss room without a killcount requirement.
  15. How many waves is jad? The fight caves minigame is 15 waves.
  16. What is a golden and crystal key for? These keys open the chest that is located along the home bank wall.
  17. What methods am I able to donate with? You may donate via PayPal (we have an automated store).
  18. I just voted, how do I get my reward? Type ::claimvote to redeem the tickets.
  19. What is wilderness barrows? All of the brother barrows are spawned in a deep multi wilderness cave that drop their respective armor with a 1/20 chance. You may get here via the minigame teleports in the spellbook.
  20. Where do I get prayer potions? They are not sold in the store so you need to make or buy them off of others.
  21. Where do I get high tier seeds? Lizard shamans are a great way to obtain them, as well as the Corporeal Beast. 
  22. How do I farm? Simply get the required materials (seed dibber, spade, seeds). First rake the patch and then use the seed on the patch; it grows instantly.
  23. Where are abyssal spawns? They can be found in minigame teleports in the spellbook, named "Abyssal nexus."
  24. What is a curved/long bone? These are rare bones that give more prayer experience than lava dragon bones.
  25. What is hardcore mode? It is simply a 3x slower experience rate than normal mode.
  26. What happens if I go from regular mode to hardcore? All of your stats, prestiges, and prestige points will be reset. 
  27. What happens if I go from hardcore to regular mode? You will not lose any stats, prestiges, or prestige points.
  28. How do I get a personal banker? The personal banker is a perk of being a legendary donator (this rank is $100).
  29. Is there a drop table? Yes there is, just type in ::drops and make sure you are in fixed screen mode.
  30. How do I change my password? Simply type ::changepassword abcd1234 for example.
  31. What is this war event? It is simply a fun-pk area that occurs starting at noon.
  32. What is weapon game? It is a safe minigame where weapons are upgraded on kill. The first to kill with an armadyl godsword wins.
  33. How do I charge my blowpipe? Simply use zulrah scales on it and then load it with darts. Please note that the tier of darts strongly impacts your dps.
  34. How do I charge the trident of the swamp? You need 5 fire runes, 1 death rune, 1 chaos rune, and 1 zulrah scale for each charge.
  35. How do I charge the trident of the seas? You need 5 fire runes, 1 death rune, 1 chaos rune, and 500 coins for each charge.
  36. How do I get the YouTuber rank? Please check our application here.
  37. How do bonds work? When redeemed, they will grant the player a certain amount of donator credits and update the "Amount spent" on their player profile. The amount of credits is related to the bond, 10$ bond is 100 credits, 25$ bond is 250 credits, 50$ bond is 550 credits, and 100$ bond is 1100 credits. All bonds stack and go towards your next rank, so for example you could redeem 2x 5$ bonds and you would become the first donator rank (10$).
  38. What is the Inadequacy? It is a level 30 multi wilderness boss that can only be harmed with melee. The fastest way to get there is by using an amulet of glory. 
  39. Why am I hitting so low on the Corporeal beast? Any weapon other than a spear will its damage halved. Dragon spear, zamorakian spear/hasta are ideal.
  40. What is prestiging? You can prestige skills when they are level 99 by talking to Toby, located in the pig pen at home. Your skill will be reset to level 1 and you will receive 1 prestige point on normal, and 3 prestige points on hardcore for each skill prestiged. Please note that combat skills do not give any points when prestiging them. Points may be spent with Toby. The maximum amount of prestiges per skill is 5. 
  41. Is a task reset scroll unlimited? Yes it is!
  42. What is a golden hammer? When smithing items it will grant double smithing experience.
  43. What are gloves of silence? When equipped, it will grant double thieving experience on the home stalls, and 1.5x experience on the wall safes in rouges den.
  44. What are cooking gauntlets for? They grant 1.25x cooking experience when equipped.
  45. What is the well of goodwill? This is an item sink that players may donate to to grant double experience to everyone online. Accepted items may be viewed here.
  46. Is crafting profitable? Yes it is, simply buy uncuts from the store and sell them back cut to the general store for a decent profit.
  47. What is a completionist cape? It is a cape requiring prestige 5 in all skills as well as 67 completed achievements. It can be changed into many different colors and has the best stats as well as a drop rate increase of 10%.
  48. How do I get a ring of wealth? You can simply craft one and it will give a 2.5% drop rate increase when equipped. 
  49. What is a ring of wealth (i)? It is an item in the donator store that will grant a 7.5% drop rate increase when equipped.
  50. What do I need for zulrah? Lots of rings of recoil or a ring of suffering (which acts as a infinite ring of recoil), zul-andra teleports, and food. The home altar can restore your prayer points inbetween runs or the ::recharge command if you are an extreme+ donator.
  51. Is there a map of where my slayer tasks are located? Yes there is, it can be found here.
  52. What do tomes do? They grant a certain amount of XP in their respective skill. 100k on regular mode, 33k on hardcore mode, before any other XP multipliers.
  53. I don't want to be an ironman anymore, how do I revert? Talk to Adam inside the home bank.
  54. Where is the iron store? Adam inside of the home bank will give you options to view all of his stores.
  55. Where are lava dragons? They are located in the PvP teleport in the spellbook or in the donator zone.
  56. Is the gnome course the only place to train agility? No, speak to the barbarian at the course to use that one, wilderness agility course, or rooftops.
  57. Are there any rooftop courses? Yes, you can train at the seers village one or ardougne. 
  58. How do I get infinite run energy? You can get infinite run energy by wearing full graceful and 69 agility, 99 agility without graceful, or as a regular donator perk.
  59. What is the difference between a regular and imbued slayer helmet? Imbued slayer helmets also give the damage and accuracy bonus to magic and range. 
  60. How do I see my slayer points? 'My account' in quest tab for all of your details.
  61. How do I see my pest control points? 'My account' in quest tab for all of your details.
  62. How do I recharge glories? You can recharge them at the fountain of rune in the wilderness.
  63. How do I get a cannon? You can purchase it in the voting store.
  64. What does graceful do? The ones in the agility store give a 15% exp bonus, and the white set from voting gives 75%.

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Perhaps create a duplicate thread and put it in the knowledge base? It'd fit in there perfectly.
In addition a ::faq command in-game would also help immensely. 

Regardless, though, this is extremely useful not only to new players but most likely also to people who consider themselves to be more seasoned. :wink:

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