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Planned updates for Draynor (Updated 1/9/18)

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Hey everyone, I thought I would just map out some of the future things I plan on addressing. I will be tackling these topics one at a time, not necessarily in the order posted below. It becomes more difficult to get these things done with my semester starting as that takes a lot of time and energy out of me, but I will continue to do my best to release updates along with @Elseve. Please try not to ask too many questions about these topics as the details are still being determined and I do not have all the answers yet since I'm focusing on one at a time :tongue: Thank you for your patience and all of your suggestions!


  • RFD quest (killing the bosses in order to get barrows gloves instead of current method)
  • Catacombs
  • Amulet of the damned
  • Improved teleporting interface to navigate Draynor
  • Daily tasks
  • Revamp fight caves
  • In-game preferences (toggle on/off) : Trivia, yell, skilling messages, wilderness bounty hunter interface, account pin only asked when IP changes
  • Looting bag, rune bag, ultimate iron man mode
  • Updated starter interface to accommodate game modes (HCIM as a direct option since you currently have to pick iron and then convert to hardcore, UIM)
  • Higher tier donator zone
  • Unlockable titles
  • Combat improvements (both PvP and PvM), such as improving formulas, delays, switching, more OSRS mechanics on bosses.
  • Master clues
  • PvP area at home
  • Making existing content in general more appealing


Things I would like to add but wouldn't guarantee:

  • Cannon
  • More bank space
  • Bank placeholders
  • Boss killcounts on website, may try to add an in-game leader board.

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