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Found 3 results

  1. The ability to use items on NPC in resource arena to automatically note them like the chaos alter unnotes them. ^Just a QoL update, currently you need to go through a dialogue to note your items and it would be more efficient if you could just use the items on them (with the required GP in your inventory) and have them note them without a chat option. Fix chatbox to properly filter dialogue(game, clan, public, etc.) I've seen a few people complain about this, and I feel the same way. For example, if I have my chat set to "clan" only, I still get the "game" messages in my chatbox that I don't want, there is currently no difference between "Clan" and "Game" for filtering. Press spacebar to cook food (All) Again, this is just a QoL update, as an ironman that cooks all his food, it would feel a lot faster if I could use food on the range, dialogue to cook pops up, and then you just hit spacebar when it prompts you and you automatically start cooking. Placeholders for bank Another QoL update, I'm not sure if this would be possible, I know other rsps's have claimed that it requires too much engine work, but I don't imagine anyone being against an update like this. Being able to zoom out further on a half screen Not sure if this is intentional, but I am unable to zoom out very far if my screen is resizable and setup to take up half my screen. I don't have a tower w/ two monitors anymore(on a laptop now), so if I multitask while on Draynor I either need to suck it up or alt-tab back and forth. Pathing for Kraken boss(run 1-2 squares to the left instead of 40+ around the back of the Kraken) QoL, title speaks for itself. If you attack kraken, to "wake up" the tentacles, I believe the right side paths just fine, but instead of walking 1 square to the left, the pathing wants you to run behind the pool to attack it. Small overlay over food in inventory to show healing (I believe RuneLite has a feature similar to this) Just another little handy addition, would show in green how much food/prayer it would restore, and show the same number in red/yellow if you would be wasting it. (Drinking a Prayer Pot at 90 prayer) if implemented, would be able to be toggled off in the settings menu. You are unable to eat edible seaweed. Now this, is a big one. For me personally, this almost makes the game unplayable. In the state that this game is left in after discovering this game breaking bug, I almost quit. But I figured I should share it with the community to decide if they wanted such an immersion ruining issue to be fixed. 200m Experience Capes Just another suggestion, could be a cape that has the same stats/benefits as a 99 cape, just able to flex on people with it equipped. I was thinking it could be a slimmer cape with the hood attached at the back, almost like the Mage Arena 2 capes. Thanks for taking the time to read! I'd love to hear some feedback from you guys!
  2. Hi Tech

    Ongoing Suggestions

    Sunday, January 7, 2018 + Let "Space bar" or "Enter key" skip dialogue. ... Quality of life. Not necessary, although it would be very nice to have this. + Enable returning to the abyss through the runecrafting portals. ... Instead of teleporting back home, back to the abyss, and then the altar you meant to teleport to the first time, the portals at the runecrafting altars could return the player to the abyss. Currently, they do not function. Friday, December 29, 2017 + Have the double experience weekend also include double slayer points and double vote points. <s1> ... With foresight, I cannot see this as anything but a benefit to the server and its players. Keep in mind, even if Fridays are included, this change will only be in effect for 36/365 days of the year. + Nerf the rate / strength or both, of the random bot-check npcs. ... After enough time spent playing, having to gather my own resources, I know that I have to bring a weapon if I want to be efficient. One could say, just throw on protection prayers and use the rune axe you're woodcutting with, but my argument is that this should not be the baseline requirement. Protection prayers are a requirement for fighting them, as one cannot access the bank while under attack. My general thought is that they are too strong, when looking at the service they provide versus player base benefit. (If you want to go a different way with it, players could receive a random tome of experience upon every completed kill; therefore, a 100% drop rate of skill tomes.) + TRIVIA: Question (quotation marks included): "Cor blimey mate, what are ye doing in me pockets?" Answer: " Master Farmer ". Question (quotation marks included): "Burn with me!" Answer: " Great Olm ". Question: " Crowned three times; the king of its kind. " Answer: " King Black Dragon ". <s1> Credit also goes to Bunaha1.
  3. Matrix


    Some Suggestions: #1 - So firstly i would love to see new ways to get some cash in-game. Currently there are lots of items in-game but seems that there are way too little cash money. Few things that could help with this would be for an example cash rewards for slayer. Lets say 5m per completed hard task and maybe 10-15m for boss task? Secondly monsters should drop more cash drops. I know some monsters already do drop caskets wich reward you with cash but im talking abouth 10-25m stack drops from bosses. Maybe make these rare droptable? #2 - So second thing that crossed my mind is random rare rewards from voting :) so when you claim your votes you also have x-ammount of chance to get random rare drop wich could range from barrows and cheaper tier items to high tier like bandos etc. ofc the higher tier items should be even more rarer than the cheaper ones :) #3 - Imbued rings. Yes i would love to see a way so you actually do something to imbue your rings. For and example dags would only drop un imbued rings but to imbue them lets say youd need like 250-500 pest control points to imbue it. this would be for dag rings doe not for wealth (i) :D and ofc why not those wilderness boss rings wich i cant name right now :D! #4 - New high tier melee armour. Ye this is something i and hopefully many others would like to see. Tbh i dont know what armour should be added.. maybe something custom or something as rare raids reward. would bring variety to pvm and bossing and perhaps even pking :) #5 - What comes to skilling i think there should be skilling point store :D im not totally sure wich could be best way to make this kind of system but for an example youll get x-ammount of skilling points per 30mins of skilling OR 5mill exp ? HC players would ovbiously get 3x the reward points if it would be the points per 5mil exp. Skill points could be used for some cool cosmetics, bone packs, herb packs etcetc. and maybe even few new skilling tomes ? #6 - Last but not least Falling stars. thats something that i absolutely love doing on other servers :D like once in a hour falling star would fall and have mining regs per layers, im sure you guys know what im talking abouth :D and youll get rewarded with stardust. you could exchange the stardust for maybe once again skilling tools, maybe few hundred dragon stones etc. Also if you would like to sell lets say 2000 star dust wich would of taken ?10 stars? you would get 25m coins and 500 runite,1500,addy, 2k mith and 3k coals maybe? So yeah few suggestions to make draynor better :P these are only my opinions and would love hear what you others think. Numbers and rewards are also just an example so those can happily be rewamped also :P Thanks!

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