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Found 5 results

  1. This is my journey to becoming a completionist, feel free to follow along The first 99 I got was agility, as graceful is cool, and most importantly being able to run an extended period of time, this will help a bunch in the long run. Agility is pretty easy, at first you use the gnome course to get from level 1-52, and from there you use the wilderness agility course, which is a lot faster to get to 99. While doing this, I acquired full graceful at around 96 agility and keep in mind I used double XP tickets to speed things up, I voted and just bought them, it was that simple and it only took 3 to get to 99 agility. From here on out I will get around 92 Runecrafting, for the cash and then do prestige 5 Crafting, While Doing this I will be saving my votes, and getting a generous amount of cash, as cutting gems is a recommended money maker for newer players, and on top of all these amazing benefits its very AFK. Stay Tuned
  2. Slender

    Hunter remaster

    Okay so, hear me out. The impling currently, while being amazing gp, aren't anywhere near similar to real impling hunting. I feel as though the jars should be items, chances of clues, etc such as in real scape, vs what we currently have. And this could obviously be based on OSRS tables, and be modified to fit the server properly. As well as being able to make a middle ground of selling the imp jars for x money, so people that don't want to open them can simply sell them for proper gold. I hope you all enjoy the idea. -V
  3. Hi Tech

    Suggestions: Part III

    1. Allow Ironmen to buyback items from Thieving Master. Whenever an Iron player tries to buyback an item they sell to the Thieving Master, they are promptly told that they can not buy from this store, and to take their business elsewhere. I am afraid that one day I may sell something of extreme use to me on accident with no way to retrieve it. Since it would do no harm to the game, I don't see why Iron players shouldn't be able to buyback their items. I understand that other players sell items to this NPC as well, and that's my point. No one buys from it. Only Iron players sell to it for profit, which is why I believe they should be given access to it in case of an accident. 2. Allow Ironmen to pick up logs that fall to the ground when failing to make fires. When making fires, eventually, one will fail. A pile of logs will hit the ground, and if you are an Ironman, you won't be able to pick them up. I cut them. I would really like to burn them, and not waste them. Plus it just seems like that should be something not forbidden. If I cut a tree, get some logs, then try to start a fire but drop the logs in the process, what's stopping me from picking them back up? 3. Add a "Golden chef's hat" to voting store #2. Pretty simple concept. While equipped, the player would have a 50% chance to cook 2 food at once. Stackable with Cooking gauntlets. At a cost of 30 voting points. 4. Add a "Golden apron" to voting store #2. Again, pretty simple idea. While equipped, the player would have a 50% chance to cut 2 gems at once. At a cost of 30 voting points. Thanks for reading. <3
  4. Snickers

    Xp boost items.

    Runecrafting. Tiara which gives 15% xp boost. (Sold either in vote store or prestige shop) Hunter. Ive seen hunter armours and chooseing a cape from any kind of those armours would be enough to make it xp boost item. Boosts 12.5% Herblore. White druid robes. Add druids to druids circle in taverly and and make them drop them. 1/1500 rate. boosts 18% Slayer. Slayer gloves. 15% boost on completing a task. Dropped by slayer tower monsters 1/1500 rate Cooking. Cooking gloves. 15% boost obtainable by prestige or vote shop Firemaking. Golden tinderbox (from priest in peril quest in osrs). Boosts 10% obtained from vote store Woodcutting. Lumberjack or lederhosen outfit. make a point system where 15 of ea logs can be traded in for 1 woodcutting point to spend in Wc store. Boosts xp by 20% or makes getting logs 15% faster. Farming. Magic secateurs, boost 15%, sold for 150m cash in general store.
  5. thieving

    Max Cape Variants

    Hello everyone and welcome to my first guide on Draynor! This guide will show you the different variants that are available with the max cape! Players can use the max cape on certain BIS cape items, which will change the stats of the max cape to the item being combined with. Doing this will require having a Max Cape AND Hood in the inventory. Doing so, the max cape will loose its perks making it almost only a cosmetic enhancement of the original. There are currently 5 variants of the Max cape available in Draynor. - Fire cape, Witch creates a Fire Max cape - Ava's Accumulator, Witch creates Ava's Max cape - Saradomin cape, Witch creates a Saradomin Max cape - Zamorak cape, Witch creates a Zamorak Max cape - Gurhix cape, Witch creates a Guthix Max cape *- Ardougne Cloak 4, Witch creates an Ardy Max cape *Ardougne Cloak 4 is not available in draynor as this guide is made* This was a short and sweet guide to show the different Max cape and colors available to us, hope you enjoyed!

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