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Found 5 results

  1. Danny

    Vorkath Guide

    This will be an in-depth guide for Vorkath. Hope you enjoy! Recommended Skills: 80+ Range 70+ Prayer 80+ Attack 80+ Strength 80+ Defence Recommended equipment Honestly just grab out your best range gear whether it's full Karil's or Armadyl This is my personal setup on my ironman account: (upgrade where needed, ie: dragonfire shield/ward , fury/anguish , dragon cbow/dhcb , rangers/pegs , archers ring) Rune are for Crumble Undead Spell , make sure you're on Normal Spellbook Vorkath Knowledge and Attack Styles Vorkath attacks with all 3 styles of combat , Range Mage and Melee and 2 Special Attacks The only attacks you need to worry about are the White/Green/Purple mage attacks and the 2 Special Attacks White mage attack will freeze you and spawn a Zombified Minion in the Southeast or Southwest corner (depending on where you are standing). When Vorkath uses this attack I recommend clicking underneath you, to stop attacking Vorkath, and get ready to use the Crumble Undead Spell on the Zombified Minion Green mage attack may or may not poison you on hit, if poisoned just drink an Antipoison Potion Purple mage attack will disable your prayers , simply enable your prayers Let us talk about the 2 Special Attacks The 1st Special Attack will be the Fireball , Vorkath will spit a huge fireball into the air and you must move at least 2 tiles away from the fireball or else you will take damage. If you are directly on top of the fireball when it hits you will die immediately , if you are 1 tile away from the fireball you will get hit anywhere from 50-60hp The 2nd Special Attack will be Green Poison Pools on the ground , Vorkath will spit poison pools, that will deal around 8 damage per tick, onto the ground around you and spit rapid fireballs at you dealing anywhere from 30-40hp per fireball. This is why you need run energy off, during this phase you are going to find a line of about 5-6 squares that don't have poison pools and just keep walking back and forth within the 5-6 squares Getting to Vorkath Teleport to ::train and run West Southwest until you find Torfinn on the dock , right-click and travel Run North and climb over the Ice ChunksWhen you climb the Ice Chunks Vorkath will be sleeping on the other side The Battle Starts! TURN RUN ENERGY OFF WHEN FIGHTING *Poking Vorkath will wake him and the fight will start* Before you poke Vorkath make sure you drink an Antifire Potion , and Ranging Potion Also, use Protect from Missiles and put on Eagle Eye or Rigour and Preserve prayers Once you are potted up and have prayers on go ahead and poke Vorkath After you poke Vorkath I suggest standing here This spot will make it easier to kill the Zombified Minion and this spot will also help with the acid pools. Return here after poison pools Hope you enjoyed the guide and best of luck getting those rare drops!
  2. ryanheinz

    PVM Challenge

    Everytime I do slayer, I challenge myself to try to fill the kills in my chat log. What is impressive here is no one said anything in the help chat or got a rare drop AND I didn't pray, drink a potion, or eat! Try this and post your results :P
  3. Sif

    Pvm Madness

    Requirements 120 Combat 20 hours game time Elite Void Roster Sif Bigbonedaddy Bevis Man Cjtigger Beer Pvm Vtec xlewiss Rules If loot splitting is mentioned and a player fails to split loot its an automatic clan termination. (Ironmen not included) Any middleman roles should be done by sif. Afking Raids = Clan termination. Don't be annoying in discord. Raid Times 11:00 - 11:30 Weekend Nights Loot Split Night (To be announced) FFA Night (To be announced) PVM Nights (EST) 11:00 - 11:30 Mon - Thursday Any more questions you can find me on discord @ sif#2398 or on the forums. Thanks - Sif gg
  4. Pink Panther

    The Inadequacy best gear guide

    The Inadequacy best gear guide BEWARE!!! THIS BOSS IS IN THE WILD!!! !!ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!! The Inadequacy (level 343) Location: Level 27-29 Wilderness *Only use melee to attack/kill* *Use protect from magic and piety prayers!!* *immune to ranged/magic attacks* Minimum stats required: Attack: 90 Strength: 90 Defence: 90 Hitpoints: 90 Prayer: 70 *For protect against magic and piety* Preferred stats for best results: Attack: 99 Strength: 99 Defence: 99 Hitpoints: 99 Prayer: 99 *For protect against magic and piety* Recommended gear: *Armour and Weapons* Helmet: Slayer helm (i) *only for if task* Helm of Neitiznot Amulet: Amulet of Torture Amulet of Fury Chest: Karil's Leathertop Legs: Karil's Leatherskirt Feet: Primordial Boots Dragon Boots Hands: Barrows Gloves Off-hand: Elysian Spirit Shield Dragonfire Shield Cape: Fire cape Ranging cape Main weapon: Abyssal tentacle Dragon warhammer *spec weapon* Ring: *optional on personal preference* Berserker Ring (i) Ring of Wealth (i) Recommended gear: *Food and potions* 1 super combat potion 3 super restores and/or prayer potions At least 24 Sharks or better! How to get to The Inadequacy Method #1: Click the "PvM Teleport" Click "Next Page" until you reach the forth page, then click on "Crazy Archaeologist" Once you arrive at Crazy Archaeologist run north-west in between Wilderness levels 27-29 Method #2: Use an Amulet of glory and click teleport to The Inadequacy I hope you enjoy this guide! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask away! This guide is still being worked on so expect new updates to be made! Thank you Jonnyt and Skill Joy for helping out with this guide! ~Pink Panther~ ~Pink Panther~
  5. thieving

    Max Cape Variants

    Hello everyone and welcome to my first guide on Draynor! This guide will show you the different variants that are available with the max cape! Players can use the max cape on certain BIS cape items, which will change the stats of the max cape to the item being combined with. Doing this will require having a Max Cape AND Hood in the inventory. Doing so, the max cape will loose its perks making it almost only a cosmetic enhancement of the original. There are currently 5 variants of the Max cape available in Draynor. - Fire cape, Witch creates a Fire Max cape - Ava's Accumulator, Witch creates Ava's Max cape - Saradomin cape, Witch creates a Saradomin Max cape - Zamorak cape, Witch creates a Zamorak Max cape - Gurhix cape, Witch creates a Guthix Max cape *- Ardougne Cloak 4, Witch creates an Ardy Max cape *Ardougne Cloak 4 is not available in draynor as this guide is made* This was a short and sweet guide to show the different Max cape and colors available to us, hope you enjoyed!

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